Rabid Apotheosis of Nihilism: The Politicopathic 21st Century Revealed

by callthepatriot

Rabid Apotheosis of Nihilism: The Politicopathic 21st Century Revealed

By Joseph Andrew Settanni

“Civilization is a disease which is almost invariably fatal.” – Dean William Ralph Inge

The nihilistic Culture of Death, spoken of so eloquently by Pope Benedict XVI and others, has substantially triumphed in the 21st century. Increasing millions of people act as if they were mere lemmings that do rush toward the embrace of what used to be classically thought of, in religious terms, as Hell. An increase of atheism, thus, goes well with all this speculation as to fundamental moral disorder.

And, spiritual suicide normally precedes the civilizational kind whenever truth becomes a mere matter of interpretation, never a certainty; whenever patriotism is scorned by the educational, cultural, and political elites. What, however, is here critically meant to better elucidate and illuminate the topic?

More and more of contemporary human reality is and, moreover, seeks to be quite death-centered in its ultimate emotional, psychological, and mental orientation, meaning, finally, the lust manifested toward the warm embrace of nihilism with its much allied blessing of death as the chief, the concluding, aspiration involved. This is a major part of contemporary normality as it gets called, though once, years ago, recognized properly as being a manifestation of insanity or, at the least, a serious lack of respect for truth.

How a Nation Becomes Morally Diseased; How Faith is Debased

It is a gross situation truly amazing to behold and, furthermore, fully unprecedented in all of past human history. How has this situation qua living nightmare occurred? Various elements of pragmatism, hedonism, materialism, positivism, and secularism have all combined to lend a powerful speed to all interrelated developments and trends tending heavily toward economic, societal and cultural Weimarization, i. e., the rather bold pursuit of blatant nihilism so heavily concerned with the political-ideological order of human reality. Are there indications of this asseverated truth definitely encompassing, e. g., Cultural Marxism and its allied PC thinking?

There exist now many millions of people without any conscious feelings whatsoever of what used to be thought of as either shame or guilt for various things they’ve done or are still doing. If the course of America is not changed substantially as soon as possible, the dark future of this country can only be seen in the doings of the MTV generation and the failed city of Detroit. Moreover, the vast majority of such denizens are proud of their, e. g., fornication, sodomy, etc., which they do demand public, legal, full approval of, not simply just basic tolerance. Attitudes held and wrong decisions made do have consequences within the spiritual order.

What the Roman Catholic Church defines as and properly understands to be, for instance, mortal sin (that if left unrepented damns a soul to eternal Hell) is now positively celebrated and, moreover, formally legalized as well. Put simply, many millions of people around the entire world are willingly choosing, as fast as possible, to get to Hell, to actively seek out their own damnation. It is not an accident, therefore, that most of Detroit looks like a version of the Infernal Regions set within a modern urban context. What, however, is the larger picture?

The political regimes or orders that do exist, in the various contemporary nations in both the Western and Eastern hemispheres, are hardly equipped to be superb moral teachers or spiritual authorities regarding what people ought to do with their lives. The USA is a prime example of the illustrative disaster that evidently awaits a nation gone adrift from a needed devotion to metaphysical order, to the Lord of the universe and beyond.

America, for many, has become just a mere place to inhabit, not the beloved patria of bygone days and generations. What used to be known as a Christian nation is now filled with people discriminated against for professing such a religious belief; increasingly, moreover, more and more of these supposed believers refuse to fight for their faith; such timidity gets deservedly punished as aggressive secularization becomes plainly normalized in America and the Western world.

Not only does patriotism, in such a secularized political climate, get mocked; the important love and fear of God, thus, means little or nothing in such an awful context. And, as is or ought to be widely known, modern secularization, moreover, necessarily spurs on increasing degrees and efforts at such aggressive de-Christianization in America and the Western world, which has evident contempt for the Roman Catholic Culture of Life, the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis, the amazing leader of the Church, the Vicar of Christ on earth, feeds into the postmodern nihilism by trying so very hard to seem and to be nice by offering atheists religious hope of genuine salvation, though they seek, by definition, to still believe in nothing, of course. A heaven supposedly heavily populated by overt defiant atheists, however, conjures up a rather strange theological vision to behold, entirely contrary to the proper Catholic dogma of extra ecclesiam nulla salus. It is, moreover, the salvific and primary mission of the Church, though that understanding seems to be, at a minimum, improperly neglected.

There will be those imprudent Catholics who, of course, will so perform mental gymnastics to defend Pope Francis, in a kind of misguided and misdirected sense of old piety. Assuming he is neither a stupid nor an ignorant man, he then ought to have easily known, therefore, that the mass media would run with his assertions and interpret what he had to say in a way suitable to their needs, meaning according the progressive-radical ideological agenda.

His informed cognizance ought to or should have encompassed this perspicuity of epistemic realization as to the broad impact of his words, meaning that he ought not to have let himself be toyed with as if he were a fool. He knows (or ought to) the saying that the truth barely gets its shoes on before a lie gets up quick and races into the world. Only an egotistic jester (or the assumed equivalent) would not profoundly weigh and estimate, measure and consider, his words quite carefully prior to making such statements. Later qualifications and emendations rarely, if ever, get into the public press and, if found, are only truncated, abbreviated, versions.

Popular perceptions, in this heavily media-dominant age, do trump just mere reality. Naively, ingenuously, saying that he was just misquoted or mostly misinterpreted simply fails to address properly the above reasonable and substantive contentions and observations. The Pontiff, being a serious man of mature years and suitably aware of his holy office, ought not to have ever played the game. At a minimum, he was acting irresponsibly; if done deliberately, he was, thus, crudely playing the role of a knave.

Either way, the Church suffers from his incompetence and, consequently, most inconsiderate behavior, while those Catholics trying to be loyal to the papacy must keep on coming up with finer and finer rationalizations, tergiversations, and just plain odd excuses for his so clearly spiritually deviant pronouncements. He is, when all is said and done, a genuine champion of the postconciliar Church that was unfortunately created by the Second Vatican Council.

In the popular mind, the older Catholic understanding of (the preconciliar Church) morality is, moreover, to be now conveniently replaced, according to what the Holy Pontiff has publicly said, by what gets commonly cited as Jiminy Cricket’s morality. And, God help the Pope, no one else really can. A certainly new day, once again, for modern Catholicism has now dawned. Moral subjectivity, no doubt, has just won more applause and approbation in the contemporary world; secularists, naturally, proclaim him as being enlightened since he does not ever wish to appear judgmental.

This directly comes from the Holy Pontiff’s awkward desire to act quite grandfatherly, instead of righteously defending Catholicism as the supreme Pastor, the Shepherd, of the flock of Christ on earth ought to do, instead of being and acting as a convinced man of God. Millions of young people, throughout the world, are to simplistically trust their own (defective) consciences and are not to receive moral guidance. It ought, however, to be properly known that one of the great spiritual purposes of the Church is to assist human beings, moreover, toward the needed goal of having an ethically and morally conversant conscience.

One of the little things, perhaps, just a minor matter of contention, that Pope Francis has so entirely forgotten, theologically speaking, is that very, very, very few people have the properly informed, appropriately knowledgeable, and spiritually introspective comprehension of what maintaining a good conscience is truly all about as had, e. g., St. Thomas Aquinas. This is, one prudently suspects, rather far from just giving “a little whistle” with Jiminy Cricket to cover any and all occasions or situations, including situation ethics.

What the opinionated Holy Father is talking about, as few non-Catholics would easily know, is only his personal (warped) opinions, not the teachings of Catholicism. This is notably because, e. g., Catholicism theologically teaches that a properly informed conscience is quite a rarity, indeed.

Lacking such an extremely important appreciation of profound religious and moral truth, Pope Francis will, thus, help lead many souls to Hell, as a related consequence of proclaiming Jiminy Cricket’s morality as a contemporary standard for the correct judgment of one’s conscience, meaning requisite discernment and needed perspicacity covering one’s thoughts, words, and deeds. If Christianity in America has become a joke, liberal Catholicism is itself not too far behind that quite realistic characterization, as to the various ethical and moral calculations and rationalizations of typical Americans who like to think of themselves as basically good people.

Possible, e. g., sins of commission and omission just might, somehow or other, get terribly lost in translation, within the perspective and cognizance of the average conscience or worse, which tends to reasonably cover, in general, the vast majority of human beings, i. e., all of the fallen sentient creatures in this fallen world.

Gratification of Civilizational Death Wish: Nihilist Paradise

Of course, the broadly-based Culture of Death, generally inclusive of abortion, infanticide (aka partial-birth abortion), euthanasia, sodomy (aka homosexual liberation, ”marriage,” etc.), divorce, artificial contraception, etc., is set in permanent and unalterable opposition to the Catholic Church’s Culture of Life, especially according to all orthodox, traditionalist Catholicism. In the 21st century, as could also be noticed by old-fashioned Christians, the human capacity for self-extermination and its allied sterility has never been better. How should this be appropriately understood?

With the great horror of abortion, physical and chemical, evilly added to infanticide and the advanced biochemical-technological reality of artificial contraception, the human race can now successfully eliminate itself, as can be seen in, e. g., Japan that has, in noted effect, adopted a conscious policy of racial self-extermination. Their birth replacement ratio has, some time ago, dropped below the absolute minimum of 2.1%. And, moreover, Europe and the USA are not too far behind (if illegal alien births are excluded), in this inherently nihilistic effort, with the here noted birth dearth effect, as demographics is truly destiny.

Nihilism, of all things, has become a highly spiritual philosophy qua postmodern religion of a sort in that, e. g., abortion has now become both a sacrament and religious experience in the degenerate and debased minds of these horrid nihilists, who even publicly insist that abortion is genuinely holy; there are, in fact, today many pro-abortion prayers; and, certain people, also, thinking themselves (demonic) Christians, do insist, moreover, upon the true holiness of this supremely vile form of murder, of bloody human sacrifice.

The equivalent kind of attitude is totally true for sodomite “marriages” (which glorify related sterility) as a now logical part of the so widely celebrated Culture of Death. How has this come about? One sees how when it is known that, directly contrary to Rush Limbaugh’s vacuous optimism, the Republican Party establishment will make certain that Obamacare is funded; as domestic history repeatedly shows, the Democrats create the element of Big Government, as with, e. g., Social Security, and the Republicans always find the ways and means of funding it. As Richard M. Weaver had, many decades ago, stated insightfully (in his book by the same name), ideas have consequences.

The extreme 19th century pessimist Arthur Schopenhauer and his “pupil” or disciple Friedrich Nietzsche are the two principal figures responsible for the substantive influence of this evil strain of thought seen in the contemporary world, though Diogenes the Cynic may be fairly considered an ancient Greek predecessor. He was, at least, a proto-nihilist. In the wider political-ideological realm, one properly encounters Sergei Nechayev, Michail Bakunin, Prince Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin, and others who sought to extend, through rationalization and reductionism, the frightening implications and cognate ramifications involved.

Of course, almost all nihilists, especially those who generally would think of themselves as just pragmatists, materialists, or positivists, would be outraged or, at a minimum, would so greatly reject the designation of being a nihilist. How so? Few people, in all of recorded history, have been able to be philosophically consistent enough to have the added requisite intelligence to actually realize the true foundation stone of their innermost beliefs. Ideologists, in particular, are easily equipped at the often subtle art of self-delusion, being that almost all of them are or, at least, think themselves to be intellectuals.

What, however, is nihilism purely defined? It is the total rejection of (all) social mores, as well as the general rejection of whatever is considered established social conventions and beliefs, especially of ethics, morality, and religion, meaning mainly in their particularity. Nonetheless, there is, usually, the much associated notion as the belief that nothing is really worthwhile; a particular belief, to be more definite, that life is, by definition, genuinely pointless and human values, consequently, are just worthless. As William F. Buckley, Jr. was fond of quoting Leon Trotsky, who says A must say B.

For those (tiny minority of) thinkers who are completely consistent (or may claim to be so), it involves an explicit disbelief, absolute incredulity, in all objective truth; it is, thus, the belief that there is, in critical point of fact, no real objective basis for truth itself. Of course, how someone could have the seemingly confident ability and verifiable knowledge to absolutely know that truth does not exist has always been, in terms of logic and reasoning, besides just common sense, a true puzzlement. But, this has never stopped dedicated nihilists from professing their great faith in an exalted meaninglessness, again, by simply ignoring the integral contradiction.

Equally, this noted nihilist attitude or opinion requires the true solipsistic rejection of classical Natural Law teachings (from Aristotle through St. Thomas Aquinas to Heinrich A. Rommen) as well as what used to be called right reason and common sense. Thus, sodomite “marriage” wars ever interminably against Natural Law, right reason, and common sense, though it is now legally enshrined in more and more degenerate countries, which is truly an instance of insanity, though not always properly recognized as such these days.

Of course, all of traditionalist, orthodox Catholicism equally and necessarily rejects any bizarre and illogical, ridiculous and disgusting, notion of what is, by classical definition, still forever unnatural and abnormal. Perversion, as is known, may get legalized but never rationally ceases being what it, in fact, is and forever remains as to a rationalization of a clear form of insanity prefaced upon an ethical and moral reductionism/relativism.

In a milder way, nihilism is a simple viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are merely unfounded and that existence, consequently, is so surely senseless and useless, meaning, in general, a philosophical doctrine then suggesting the bold posited negation of one or more putatively meaningful aspects of human life. Some more pointed comments may help to further refine the notion being advanced, which include the evisceration of truth itself.

Existential nihilism, if yet more precision may be zealously wanted, is the philosophical theory that all of life itself has no intrinsic meaning or integral value; the formal meaninglessness of existence is, therefore, affirmed as a positive value (without any analysis being done about the insanity involved). As far as is known, the term itself may have first been used, as to wide-scale dissemination, by the Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev, though derived from its probable earliest origin in the German Nihilismus coined in1817, which, in turn, came from the Latin word for nothing, meaning nihil.

For those who may like briefer views pertaining to this depressing subject, nihilism is either the full rejection of all established laws and institutions, outright anarchy, terrorism, or other such revolutionary activity; or total and absolute destructiveness just done for its own sake without ideological justifications or rationalizations. From a true nihilist point of view, morals are totally valueless, therefore, and only hold a suspect place in society as then necessarily false ideals. All of this is set well beyond any proper sense of (classical) normality that one might, perhaps, wish to possess against the sad arrival of the Nietzschean abyss, of the war upon truth itself.

The heuristic point of all of the aforementioned discussion and analysis is that the topic is well known and understood and, yes, profoundly comprehended here, as to its various implications and cognate ramifications. It is quite verifiably evident, therefore, that nihilism has certainly achieved its apotheosis and related reification, in the 21st century, to the true detriment of man’s humanity, besides, of course, giving immediate and necessarily enormous offense ever to the Lord God Almighty.

The latter consideration being mainly of little real concern, of course, to any truly dedicated modernists or postmodernists, especially those interested in ego satisfaction, inclusive, one guesses, of militant atheists.

In the now past 20th century, unfortunately, two horrific world wars, bloody genocides, and much else did not, apparently, get the ever needed attention of human beings, as to God’s deserved punishment for seeking out the secular attainment of anthropocentric values, not theocentric ones. One suspects, moreover, that a much harsher discipline must be now more severely applied to a recalcitrant people, namely, the human race as a whole.

The Supreme Being, in this regard, can always oblige; hint: that is why, e. g., the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel are still forever lost. There are notable consequences to gross disobedience. It is quite frightening (as an understatement) to consider, therefore, just what must be done on earth to get human beings to really take proper notice regarding the surely seething wrath of the Lord.

One stream of the grave offense against the Deity has become a raging river in basic terms of the reification of naturalism to now mean whatever someone may wish it to mean, inclusive of the demented thoughts of the Marquis de Sade held supposedly to be natural. Consequently, all the foregoing assembled efforts at, thus, properly achieving a substantive and substantial definition concerning nihilism should, moreover, remove any possible rational or reasonable doubt as to its revealed, so evident, success and advancement within the postmodern mind.

Since, the reductionism in logic goes, a person is a part of nature and the nature of a person is defined as human nature, then, therefore, anything in terms of human belief (aka lust) qualifies as being natural, as with, e. g., sodomy. This turns traditional Natural Law upside down and inside out concerning what gets properly defined as being, thus, thought to be simply natural.

Even though, in the vast majority of reproductive cases in the natural world, the normal condition is, by definition, that a male and female of a species produces offspring, this is no longer to be applied as normal if sodomite relationships are to be preferred as being the new normal, fully enshrined by law no less. It is aided and abetted, furthermore, by the evil of establishmentarian politics favoring Big Government, meaning the statism, tyranny, inherent within democratic despotism and the collectivism of domestic interventionism. Utopia is thought to be

In addition, the new naturalism, as it may be called, can be instituted and simply upheld by the artificiality of any man-made law in the raw service of such tyranny; nothing, within such an abnormal context, can be then truly defined as perversion, much less positive moral evil. Reductionism and rationalization are, therefore, to be combined for better insuring that the highly perverse logic applied will directively reach the certain predictive goal of justification.

This is surely intended for openly supporting the (quite bizarre) assertion, for instance, that homosexuality is today to be just reasonably or pragmatically accepted as being just another normal (read: natural) human orientation, not an entirely distorted sexual viewpoint, contrary to (what used to be appropriately defined as) normal human nature.

This is not, however, a civil-rights issue or question at all, as the liberals, progressives, and radicals do so often allege. While it has been documented and proven, many times over, that people can will themselves to cease being homosexuals, it is ever infinitely impossible for, e.g., Black Americans to so equally will themselves to become White. The two cases are totally incommensurate and, moreover, never rationally comparable or parallel as such.

What is set at work is then merely Cultural Marxism, the quest for Utopia, and its cognate PC thinking regarding the ideological dictates of homosexual liberation, which then superbly, of course, provides all of the aforementioned reductionism and rationalization involved for reaching an insane conclusion, for supporting that which is clearly, by definition, unnatural, abnormal; it is, therefore, clearly illustrated by illogical sodomite “marriage” of any kind and without question, as is completely demonstrated by the aforementioned argumentation.

Regarding utopianism, this civilizational development (that is actually dis-civilizational in effect) has had baleful consequences, as could be suspected. It is not enough that sociopathic and psychopathic characters have multiplied in this day and age; there has been the complementary or reciprocal reality of what could justly be called “politicopathic” political reality within the body politic of modern Western nations that allows, e. g., for the full legalization and legitimation of sociocultural and sociopolitical homosexual liberation.

All this is supremely in line with the freaky growth of degrees and kinds of insanity accepted as being quite normal that is manifested clearly, moreover, by the predominant elements of the ruling-political class, the triumphant oligarchy, unfortunately governing America and, of course, the other such regimes controlling the Western world in general.

A man who had an insightfully keen appreciation of reality and its associated consequences, G. K. Chesterton, early in the 20th century, had so critically remarked how that century was sadly determined to make that which is abnormal into becoming recognized as being normal. A degraded society and debased culture, a diseased civilizational structure, that truly seeks to be so completely anthropocentric in its most fundamental orientation must become, sooner or later, thanatocentric regarding its then necessarily related nihilistic desires and aspirations.

A Lost Country Set Adrift: the New Amerika

For instance, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and John Kerry, among many, freely exhibit what needs to be perceived as being nihilistic politicopathic behavior; this is directed toward the pragmatic furtherance of the Weimarization of the USA by instituting and supporting, urging and favoring, numerous nihilistic policies and programs; these are both domestic and foreign in their major effects and implications that do range across socioeconomic, sociocultural, and politicocultural aspects of a truly declining society, culture, and civilization with a jocular regard for public virtue among the too often jaded citizenry. How may this be critically verified?

Obama’s absolutely and integrally incoherent and inchoate (current?) foreign policy position regarding Syria can be easily cited as an excellent case-in-point, so proving the highly certain validity and obvious reality of what is being above quite confidently asserted; it is an instance of remarkable political insanity, openly played out upon the world stage, for millions upon millions of people to now candidly see.

Fecklessness, unimpressive as to the proper statecraft of true statesmanship, is never a valid substitute for any mature and substantive foreign policy. A surrealistic theater of the absurd, in shocking contrast, exists for the sake of this odd crisis, for Obama’s arming, e. g., of Al Queda should, logically, be regarded as an overt, nihilistic Act of Treason suitably worthy to be written up as at least one of the Articles of Impeachment against him. They are, of course, the self-declared enemies of the United States and known terrorists. If this blatant and outrageous public act of treason goes unpunished, the prestige and honor of this country are lost forever.

If either clownish Obama or fickle Kerry were a fat man, the duo would be duly dubbed as dithering dunces of diplomacy, in the comic manner of a Laurel and Hardy team; but, the former always gets a free pass, as is condescendingly known, because of his protective skin coloration; the latter because he is, after all, a notorious veteran who had so absurdly served in Vietnam; they are, in short, the proverbial blind leading the blind; the duo chase through a maze created by an insane actor who, unfortunately, happens to also be the nation’s Chief Executive plagued by diverse and multiplying scandals, both domestic and foreign in nature.

The insanity involved allows them to make Bashar al-Assad, a brutal dictator, appear positively heroic in contrast, a now supposed David (Syria) fighting or, rather, incredibly outwitting the fumbling American Goliath. But, what is really going on? The Obama scandals are not phony, all the investigations are; one needs to see that regime’s establishmentarians, in both major political parties, are united for tyranny. This is, therefore, a deliberate foreign distraction.

As a convenient dodge for domestic troubles, the American warfare-welfare State requires aggressive foreign interventionism, a future attack upon Syria, as a quite logical Machiavellian complement to its domestic interventionism, for the Obama Administration has (at least) three more years to exist. It has to create a “foreign devil” to hate as yet another needed diversion, though not since the infamous 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis has a sitting president loused up so vigorously and thoroughly, set beyond mere contempt and condemnation, toward righteous suggestions for the urgent need for his much deserved formal Impeachment.

The world leadership role of the United States is, nonetheless, crumbling into dust amid a display of epic, nearly unprecedented, diplomatic clownishness; what used to be referred to as the strength of American resolve is equivalent to just pouring a glass of water into a vast desert, which strongly suggests that Syria is, in fact, a mere intended distraction. The many failed domestic policies and programs of this socialist Federal Administration are not harmed in the slightest by foreign misadventures, as was true, e. g., concerning LBJ’s Great Society fiasco balanced off by his Vietnam War; history, when lessons remain unlearned, gets repeated.

Not even, e. g., the tremendous Benghazi fiasco and its aftermath had been able to really stop Obama; he is, surely, the demonstrated menial master of American decline and depravity aided by his very terrible desire to create a national-security State (aka police-state) for crushing any basic semblance remaining of free, representative, republican constitutional government qua governance.

As to proper cause and effect being correctly perceived, it is the mental disability, caused by fanatical adherence to Obama’s neo-Marxist ideology, which then causes the incompetence to become, in effect, a deliberate result, not accidental or merely coincidental. To call upon, in addition, the well-known Hans Christian Andersen story, the emperor has no clothes and, in this actual case, no tangible sign of brains as well. Politicopathic behavior is, however, ideologically induced by a tremendously perverse act of will and, thus, cognitively required by what Eric Hoffer had insightfully called the true believers.

His unbelievable, nearly indescribable, September 10, 2013 oration, thus, has to be one of the most intellectually vacuous speeches in all of the recorded annals of American diplomacy, guaranteed as such, incidentally, by the suspected “adjunctive” input of a blatant fraud by the name of Elizabeth O’Bagy. It is known, therefore, that her very spurious “scholarly” writing exists as having been publicly cited, by no less personages, than the current Secretary of State and US Senator John McCain.

Obama’s odd performance was notably weak, unctuously disgraceful, direly ineffectual, drearily pathetic, and sincerely disgraceful beyond any rational question. But, what is even much more terribly frightening and nauseating is that this exceedingly vile piece of unmitigated trash in the White House makes the Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin, the last former head of the infamous KGB, look like a (putative) statesman of a high caliber, which, in fact, is shockingly weird.

Of course, the mass media and national propaganda networks, as is always expected, willingly play up Obama as if he were the “champion extraordinaire” of this filthy crisis, one largely of his own making, incidentally. But, nonetheless, objectively speaking, Putin had quite deservedly humiliated Obama, cleaned his clock, in the ungraciously mordant and tendentious pages of the New York Times, an establishment publication of the first order, a nihilistic mouth organ of the ruling class itself.

Contrary to them, the neocons, and RINO Republicans, America should stay out of the tragic Syrian civil war. The engagement of the USA there would, thus, surely be the proverbial wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time. One so rudely suspects, of course, that calling this entire extraordinary matter, especially the September 10th talk, utterly strange or extremely bizarre is quite surely a major understatement, as well as then doing a significant injustice to the truth. [Yes, it is known that Pontius Pilate had rhetorically asked: What is truth?]

Under normal circumstances and for the grave sake of the national interest, moreover, such a deranged politician would be properly removed from office and, also, simultaneously declared mentally incompetent to correctly perform his presidentially required public duties. Obama’s requisite Impeachment for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, since he obviously hates America, would, therefore, be a quite proper venue as a, thus, much needed constitutional response to this dangerous cognitive incoherence, noetic unintelligibility, pertaining to important American foreign policy. It is, in short, a rather monumental failure of statesmanship. Thus, historical observations are here provoked as to political pathology and its candid recognition as such.

As is seen throughout the course of human history, dying societies and cultures, as with all failing civilizations, are so overtly marked by the presence of an overabundance of definitely politicopathic politicians gone power mad. As with the ancient Fall of the Roman Empire, only Christianity (aka Roman Catholicism) was available to then help restore Western civilization. The officials of the Obama Administration are, in a sense, the disgusting maggots quite happily feasting upon the rotting cadaverous flesh of the existent political entity, nation, or empire under discussion and review. Must history repeat itself? Does religion offer hope?

But, the power elite, especially Obama in particular, are not satisfied with the slow progress of Weimarization in America; and, Obama himself is lustfully desperate to attack Syria for the sake of starting a world war in that the empirical height of nihilism’s most sincere fulfillment consists of waging a truly major military conflagration, of the immediate gratification gained by killing massive numbers of people. A confirmed nihilist only has cold contempt for any metaphysical order, for the traditional religious perspective upon life and reality.

This then appears as just a simply logical conclusion within the deracinated mind of a dedicated nihilist, which to any truly normal person would be recognized as a form of insanity and set far from the spirit of Christianity. As could be guessed, moreover, there is no desire, on the part of the cultural, social, academic, entertainment, and political elites in this country, to restore all things in the name of Christ. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve stays with the QE program, as a sop to the elites, to Wall Street and others, into supposed infinity toward national bankruptcy.


Regrettably, when the compulsive ideological decision, based upon Weimarization [the Weimar Republic with its hyperinflation], has been forcefully made to leap blindly into the ever terrible Nietzschean abyss, no way out exists for those committed to nihilism except death, inclusive of seeing the supposed many positive benefits of suicide, personal or national makes no pragmatic difference, at such a truly harsh point in time.

Truth becomes epistemologically bastardized in the pursuit of power, contrary to public virtue, when a citizenry abandons both patriotism and the love and fear of God, for traditional religion is urgently needed, not shallow religiosity or dubious spiritualism of any kind, type, or sort.

Without the adamant reaffirmation and profound recovery of intense spiritual resolve, in a true Christian religious sense, as to the theologically concrete, valid notion of a right versus wrong morality, nothing really effective can be done to so reverse the decidedly nihilistic course that the political-ruling class has, thus, freely chosen for this country and its tragic future failure that can be, in effect, logically guaranteed.

A restored and revitalized Christendom is not, however, a very likely possibility set under the present conditions sanctioned by the Obama Administration and its vile and degenerate efforts hypocritically aimed toward both maintaining crony capitalism for the corrupt elites and cold collectivism reserved for the mainly enervated masses, through the demagogic courtesy of democratic despotism.

It is a certainty, therefore, that the predominant political leadership of this nation would never, e. g., turn toward traditionalist, orthodox Roman Catholicism. Their quite sordid preference is a desire and lust for death as a positive accomplishment (that philosophically contradicts the negating spirit of nihilism), while yet pragmatically and surely achieving its so horrid and fatal consummation, which could, thus, very well be Obama’s rather ardent desire for starting World War III.

His own genuine nihilistic contempt and considerable hatred of America would, also, be then fully consummated as a direct sad result, especially, for instance, with his making a war against Syria, a victim of Obama’s overall failure of leadership.

God help America.