Forget the Daze of Pope Francis, Go Rebuild the Church

by callthepatriot

Forget the Daze of Pope Francis, Go Rebuild the Church

By     Joseph Andrew Settanni

Most Catholics today do not know, because of poor catechesis, that abortion, artificial contraception, infanticide, euthanasia, sodomy, divorce, and pornography are all intrinsically evil without any question; the majority simply pick and choose what they may or may not wish to believe as to various dogmas and doctrines, which is a horrible and disastrous situation in the nature of a monumental crisis.

This is truly a shocking and outrageous development of an extreme theological and religious magnitude that really ought, of course, to make the entire Catholic hierarchy feel overwhelmingly shameful and necessarily guilty; the fact that they evidently do not have such feelings is, again, quite shocking and very outrageous beyond measure, which is, of course, a profound poverty of the spirit.  Catholicism, at a minimum, is at a low point in its history, which can be easily seen in the doings of the current pontiff, who often gives an appearance of being “the lost man.”

Most Catholics, including the bulk of the clergy, feel neither any shame nor guilt, which means that the vast number of members of this rather too appalling “Church of nice” and its so spiritually vacuous emotionalism is necessarily leading its ignorant and lazy people, the parishioners, with its indifferent clergy, to certain damnation, to eternal perdition.   Feelings of “tolerance” are wrongly equated with a needed Christian love for one’s neighbor.

They, the uninformed majority, have no correct understanding of Catholicism; they have, in fact, no real idea of what it means to be a Roman Catholic.  To them, Catholicism is just one denomination among many, for most believe that all Christians, in general, eventually get to Heaven, not Hell.

The Horror of the Church of Nice

There is no plan or requisite effort to significantly instruct the Church hierarchy concerning the greatly important need to correct the detrimental and enormous failures of communication and instruction involved by revivifying and solidly strengthening Catholic catechesis.   How many Catholics really know about and can intelligently defend the existence of there being seven sacraments?

How many can successfully refute the multiple and severe errors of Protestantism, which consequently aid in damning millions of souls to fiery Hell because of such abominable heresy?   Do most of today’s Catholics, moreover, even understand what a heresy is?   The answers, in case of any doubt, are: few, few, and no.

Furthermore, the current holder of the Papal Office has no known or observed intention of correctly asserting and exercising papal power and authority to act as the Good Shepherd of the faithful flock.  It is, in the given above context of dire seriousness, a most grave dereliction of primal papal duty and is, moreover, a real sign of notable and grim failure on his part.   While, as Lord Acton said, absolute power corrupts absolutely, however, the heartbreaking lack of the holy desire to exercise warranted authority that validates a just power to be used in proper defense of Catholicism is clearly a severe vice, not a virtue.  And, this inimical vice is exhibited manifestly in the current Sovereign Pontiff almost beyond belief.

It should be really quite obvious, by now, that Pope Francis will never be the inspiring leader of any true reform movement that will destroy the paralyzing hold of the Conciliar Captivity, meaning the evil Spirit of the Second Vatican Council, which is much worse than the ambiguous and strange Letter of Vatican Council II.

The nonsense of the Spirit being in specious conflict with the Letter ought to be intelligently rejected, meaning that the supposed reform of the reform is spurious stuff unworthy of minds cognizant and fully aware of the serious destruction to the Roman Catholic Church, the dire consequences and aftermath, implications and ramifications, of the ill-fated Second Vatican Council (VC II).  It was and remains a dire plague to infect the Church, while the Pope goes looking elsewhere for his more interesting activities.

The Holy Pontiff prefers, instead, to be spiritually “moonlighting” by, e. g., sneaking out of the Vatican to personally help some poor people, forgetting conveniently the good words of Christ, uttered to the future traitor Judas, that “the poor they are always with you.”   The Hegelian-inspired dialectic of the supposed Spirit versus the Letter ought to be rejected as nominalist nonsense; the two were and are one; there ought to be no preconciliar Church versus postconciliar Church as if a Hegelian synthesis developed; but, the modernists have forced into being this dialectic attitude or, rather, superstition that demonstrates the ever integral falsity of the entirely tendentious debate.

Both the harmful Spirit and Letter of VC II must be equally rejected, not just one or the other, for there can be no such reform of the reform possible. This forcefully means that, contrary to modernism, the truly primal concern for religious orthodoxy of the pre-VC II era needs to be fully restored for better assuring the need for a greater abundance of sanctifying grace added to the wanted increase of holiness throughout the Church.   It is the explicit favoring of a Christocentric life, a life with Christian love.

The massive failure and internal corruption of the hierarchy has lead to creating a situation whereby literally hundreds of millions of Catholics are seemingly indifferent to mortal sin, dogmas, and much else; fornication itself, therefore, is now the accepted societal norm, not the exception. And, the clergy, in general, seem incapable of morally and spiritually combating moral error, in any forceful manner, as deluded members of the Church of nice who do not wish to offend people.

They are not exactly replicas of St. James and St. John, known as the Sons of Thunder who would never have been tolerant of the niceness pervading the postconciliar Church, which is far from the needed Church Militant.

Instead of properly and appropriately concentrating the vast majority of his mental and spiritual effort upon the mammoth subject of greatly rescuing and revitalizing the seriously harmed Church, Pope Francis is, of course, highly comfortable and openly favorable toward the postconciliar crisis or, rather, the non-crisis, in his mind, of the Conciliar Captivity; it, this introduced concept, is here a kind of fairly good historical parallel to the Avignon Captivity of the Renaissance Papacy, in general terms of the ethical, moral, and spiritual destructiveness involved by that particularly pernicious type of special mental and spiritual imprisonment.

This mightily peculiar bondage has, resultantly, perverted the orientations and energies of the Church toward many misguided efforts to, in effect, mimic or somehow mirror image what is perceived as the humanism of secularism (aka atheism), which actually produces merely a rationalization for favoring sinful behavior, for often accepting what had been normally once thought to be inherently objectionable conduct. It has lead to the inability to even uphold the basics of classical Natural Law teachings and what used to be called right reason.

The lack of virtuous sternness and resolve on the part of the hierarchy, as led by the postconciliar popes, has contributed substantially concerning how Western civilization has heinously yielded to what is now the results of postmodern thrusts toward that nihilistic humanism and naturalism that freely endorses the homosexualization of societal and cultural standards.

This is, also, along with the vilely contemptible sexualizaton of children and even infants, which then means that eventually, of course, pederasty will become a sanctioned civil right as has been, in fact, the empirical case of sodomy; but, no civilization, in all of recorded history, has ever survived massive homosexualization generationally applied.

Yet, none of this tremendously important concern, in any truly intensive manner yet detected, shows up upon the papal radar screen because of the moral and cognitive failure caused by the Conciliar Captivity, due to its ever seriously harmful influences upon Catholic theology and religion. It is empirically seen in how Pope Francis has celebrated the feted Dominican Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez, the Marxist-liberation theology fanatic-heretic, who has significantly influenced the thinking of the current Holy Father. What are the likely terrible implications?

He eagerly wishes as the Vicar of Christ, as can be observed, to bring such objective evil very close to the heart of the Church, which so substantively confirms Limbaugh’s suspicions of Marxism cited earlier. Fr. Gutiérrez is being rehabilitated as now being a valid spokesman for how the ecclesial establishment ought to think about such subjects as capitalism, poverty, exploitation, oppression, etc.   Secularist criticism in the Marxian ideological sense is, thus, quite unfortunately and wrongly validated and many unsuspecting Catholics and Christians in general will see with what overt papal approval such evil is being so greeted with, quite enthusiastically.

Elements of the demonic, it can be added, do enter strongly into these disturbing matters, though this will, unequivocally, be adamantly denied always by the morally myopic defenders of Pope Francis, though no evil is ever being wished upon him.   Yet, those who dance with the devil should expect to get burned.

Bad Fruits of the Second Vatican Council

While one may, and for those who are faithful Catholics one ought, to pray for the Pope, the hope now, however, should be placed upon the next pontiff who may have the needed and so requisite realization that this profoundly terrible crisis is certainly real, that the truly spiritually grave and dramatic enormous apostasy of the Western world is surely real.

In that overwhelmingly significant historical context, Pope Francis is then deservedly relegated to the situational position of being a nonentity with his own marked indifference toward both traditionalist Catholicism and an informed foundational Catholicity, meaning his inability and unresponsiveness toward wanting to defend the Church Militant and the having of a Christocentric life for all believers.
He is, moreover, sadly lost in his own world that includes, for him, only the modernist conviviality and smug assuredness of VC II.   The easily observed repaganization of the Western world, especially Western Europe, due to its own prior secularization had so created, as was predicted, the fertile ground for the aforementioned massive apostasy.  One sees that, because of a major theological neglect by the majority of the hierarchy, the Catholic faithful become more and more faithless, meaning that this is not by accident but by design.

This situation was both substantively and substantially aided and abetted by the awful ethical, moral, and spiritual weakening of Holy Mother Church by both the results and modernist intentions of VC II.   The problems brought on, as a disastrous consequence of that malignant council, need not here detain the readers, for they have been repetitiously and thoroughly documented and confirmed many times over by now. 1 [See: Notes]

What concerns this hopeful present article is the willing need to rebuild the Church, regardless of the overtly vile and cognitively pusillanimous attitude manifested by Pope Francis who may not even have, in this regard, any consciousness of his own very serious failings.   There is, after all, something seriously wrong with any pontiff who is so perceptibly media obsessed such that, e. g., he obviously felt the great need to reply to a single radio talk-show host, Rush Limbaugh, who had seriously accused him of Marxist sympathies. This is, no doubt, a quite publicity engrossed and media-conscious prelate at the helm of the Church who largely fiddles while Rome burns. [What planet does he live on?]

This reply was done, more to the point, only one day after the accusation, which comes to then gravely question the pope’s proper sense of proportion and priorities and should, thus, make the faithful flock and many others sadly wonder about him. But, a significant media star of this decadent era usually pays a rather high price for such publicity; as has been said, they who live by the media can get themselves destroyed by the media.

The various antics and frolics of this cleric, plagued by observed idiosyncrasies, seem to so indicate that he is in some sort of daze or stupor, due to this enormous amount of highly questionable attention, which is entirely inordinate when considering how much the secular culture truly detests (orthodox) Catholicism. 2

One assumes (or hopes) that he is not unaware of how many avowed enemies of the Church are actively praising him and, consequently, glorifying his pontificate. Representatives of the forces of the Culture of Death, with its hedonism and vice, do heap encomiums in abundance upon him. A good Catholic would be, needless to say, terribly embarrassed if he were the chosen object of such acclamation, if he were to effusively receive the open admiration, adulation, of so many dedicated adversaries, virulent foes, of Christ and His Church.

For they, these heinous swine, deny quite vehemently the salvific power of suffering and that the only chance of salvation is to follow the Way of the Cross. These are the ideological supporters of cultural Marxism with its affirmative action, multiculturalism, diversity, pluralism, etc. aimed at destroying the traditional family and promoting the erotic revolution.  Good related reading would include The Tyranny of Liberalism: Understanding and Overcoming Administered Freedom, Inquisitorial Tolerance, and Equality by Command by James Kalb and his insightful Against Inclusiveness: How the Diversity Regime is Flattening America and the West and What to Do About It.

Admittedly, liberalized divorce, a prominent feature of secularist society and positivist law, had also helped substantially to pave the evil way with allowing for both serial polygamy for men and serial polyandry for women. Christian love understands true charity as necessarily including a hatred of evil for the sake of the salvation of souls. While Western civilization is clearly on the evident road toward a collapse, the Bishop of Rome, with a mind fixated seemingly upon his cognizant oblivion, sets about greatly carrying for and, thus, cultivating his public image, though this may be denied, of course, by him; regardless, the quizzical days of Francis seem preposterous enough.

But, it is repeatedly said by the Pope’s ardent admirers that, e. g., he is genuinely humble and so proves it by dressing more simply and, therefore, deliberately setting a modest style; in so many ways, this Vicar of Christ is thought to be showing a tone genuinely geared toward upholding a sterling model of observed humility and true faithfulness for the whole ecclesial establishment.

How dare anyone ever seriously question this good man’s, this decent Pontiff’s, behavior or demeanor, especially whenever he lovingly embraces the poorest of the poor? This should all be, of course, plainly perceived as a sort of fundamentally substantial and legitimately phrased defense in his favor for, thus, dismissing unfair criticism.

On the other hand, he was, in fact, trained as a modern Jesuit; it is an order of priests no longer acting as the once reliable and old corps “shock troops” of the preconciliar papacy. Philosophical and theological nominalism rots the mind’s ability to reason correctly and logically. The believers in and practitioners of the VC II mindset, which includes almost all the Jesuits, are incapable, or nearly so, of being able to ever perceive the worldliness involved with it; they are in a form of bondage similar to Plato’s Cave and are incapable, basically, of independent and contrary thought on such a subject, for the Pope himself is immune to criticism of VC II (in his own mind).

It would be tremendously good if a “great lion” of the Church should valiantly come forth to properly and strongly admonish, to helpfully reprove, the Holy Father, in the tradition of a St. Catherine of Siena or St. Teresa of Ávila. The Angelic Doctor himself, St. Thomas Aquinas, moreover, even taught that such an action is both permissible and can be highly necessary when genuinely required, e. g., for the sake of the Faith and its integrity that remains in proper line with the authoritative sense of the Papal Office. 3  

Admittedly, such an approach, though needed, would not be easy to take.  Why may this be said?

Pope Francis is, of course, a committed devotee of VC II who never ever questions its assumed absolute legitimacy and rightness; all of VC II has become, for him and the bulk of the hierarchy, the manifestly unchallenged touchstone of what has been, in truth, correctly denominated as the “new orthodoxy” of the postconciliar Church.   It freely tolerates and, in a sense, seemingly mandates the worldliness, the secular sophistication of a form of “Christian” humanism, perceived within the activities and general climate of the Conciliar Captivity, which, also, cognately highlights its inherently laicist-paralleling nature and function.

The inactivity of the postconciliar popes, regarding their evident unawareness of the profound depths of the incredible destruction that has sorely afflicted the Church, seems thoroughly both inexplicable and unfathomable, except that there are the known consequences of the Conciliar Captivity. Of course, it will be immediately argued vociferously that various pontiffs have tried, in certain ways, to heal the many wounds; but, considering the enormous nature, reality, and extent of the extensive ongoing crisis, most of what was lightly done was only misconceived or misdirected nonsense; other things done were still, on the whole, too little and too late to make any real difference.   Few genuinely substantive actions were ever taken.

This insidious captivity, in reiteration, has created a self-sustaining form of nominalist blindness to the truly pervasive and many inroads of secularization that have undermined, increasingly, the ever much needed spirituality and sanctity of the Church. Pope Francis, as an associated consequence, is not able to critically see that the ongoing reality of fallen men in a fallen world was neither erased nor modified whatsoever by the anomalous doings of VC II or, certainly, its odd aftermath.   It did not ever cognitively manufacture, moreover, a religious-oriented form of supposed enlightenment with which to meet and greet the older secularist Enlightenment, as if on a common playing field as it were.

Arrogance, vanity and pride upholds most of the Church establishment’s firm support for VC II because too many (still) contemporary ecclesial reputations were made from the promotion of the teachings and outcomes involved; their prideful certainty and arrogant attitudes, therefore, cannot ever admit of error when sustained mightily by an overflow of obnoxious vanity that stinks to high Heaven and unto low Hell; it is integrally, as could be surmised cogently, an ugly part of the excessive worldliness present in the postconciliar Church and its many too ardent acolytes. Pope Francis, thus, represents the next generation that must pass away before true Christocentric reform can become more and more possible.

In this still sinful world, every excess, sooner or later, gets rightly punished because of its, by definition, excessiveness, of the immoderateness (unreasonableness) of its very existence as such. Because human beings, living with the human condition and its misery, are naturally prone to sin, even an excess of humility can be then sadly transmuted into a real vice, when the intrinsic worldliness of the possessed excessiveness does not, in fact, get rightly recognized to be a true vice, not a virtue.

This is the seeming conundrum, a quite morally vicious position, which the deluded supporters of the postconciliar Church are apparently (or otherwise) unaware of to the grave detriment of all concerned, inclusive of a highly questionable effort at self-effacement.

Thus, one ought to historically comprehend that Jansenist (heretical) priests and nuns, e. g., were not a glory for the Holy Faith; their practiced humility was, therefore, a heinous weapon set firmly against all sound and true Catholic orthodoxy. The worldly “humility” of Pope Francis, though not, perhaps, as devastating as is Jansenism’s, need not create such an extremely positive impression by which to judge him and his intentions; this is mainly because papal infallibility does not mean, among other things, that a pope is to be considered free from the ability to sin.

Needless to say, humility is not really enough; acting with misapplied humbleness done somewhat extravagantly, moreover, slides right readily into the realm of an often unrecognized and, thus, so pernicious form of (covert) vice. What is meant? Jesus righteously rebuked Judas the traitor who has the gall to remind the Lord about remembering the poor, as Christ knew Judas was stealing from the common purse, for poverty of the spirit, which the Church has now in such abundance, is ever much worse.

The people of God are being seriously underserved, pastorally abused, and terribly neglected in a misguided quest for achieving the supposed success, e. g., of the mincing minutiae of simplicity of behavior and dress.   He ought to stop the theatric inanities of seemingly doing some scenes from that novel, The Shoes of the Fisherman, written – significantly in an indicative sense — by a Marxist no less, Morris L. West.   But, apparently, Francis is in such a state of enthrallment to the Conciliar Captivity such that he seemingly remains forever in a daze of non-narcotic wonderment as he seeks the furtherance of the Spirit of VC II. 4

Thus, the Pope’s quite tremendous neglect, which includes deep sins of commission and omission, of dealing with the profound, fundamental, ongoing religious and theological crisis of the Church, due to VC II and its many malevolent results, is the set pivotal matter by which his papacy will be morally and historically judged an essential failure.    If he truly wants less publicity that ranges toward notoriety, he should cease his display of often vagrant eccentricities or peculiarities upon the public stage and deal more circumspectly, watchfully, as to needed propriety, decorum, and personal demeanor as, thus, befits a sober man of God, regarding all his openly observed deportment and behavior.   Is, therefore, something important still needed to be said?

He does not have to go out of his way to do or say things that make (outraged) people feel ashamed of him.  What is so plainly requisite to the holy task of a pontiff is contrary to the unctuous and enervating lack of properly exercising the valid authority and sacred power of the Supreme Pontiff to lovingly help rescue Holy Mother Church, meaning during this grave time of severe crisis and terrible anguish. 5

However, instead of wasting any very valuable time, effort, or energy in hating, reviling, (and, thereby, sinning) or getting frustrated with him by his clear unwillingness to act properly matched to his desire for expansive publicity, needed thoughts and activities are, therefore, much better aimed at rescuing and restoring, liberating and renovating, the requisite vitality of Roman Catholic orthodoxy as the proper bedrock of Holy Mother Church.   A “militant” kind of Catholicism is vitally necessary for promoting the Church Militant on earth.

It acts as ever the adamant affirmation of the basics, the fundamentals, of all right teachings necessarily contained within the three celebrated main pillars of the Holy Faith, meaning Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium. There needs to be, more to the point, the championing of the Eucharistic life as central to all proper Catholic aspirations; the worship of God, as noted here, comes closest to that which is heroic in man by opposing the decadent and degenerate mainstream culture and society that exists.

Today, overt sinfulness is considered a true virtue, the “new normal” as it gets called, as with, e.g., sodomy now existing as a legally protected civil right; sodomites, moreover, are surely now part of the new privileged aristocracy of the postmodern era. Thus, Catholicism, possessed of the true original mandate for the righteous spreading of Christianity, must seek to retake the moral high ground against such insanity.

Acts of Rebuilding and Reaffirming Catholicism

One can read, for the sake of gaining some background knowledge, such related and interesting books as John Senior’s The Restoration of Christian Culture and Diane Moczar’s Converts and Kingdoms: How the Church Converted the Pagan West and How We Can Do It Again. While the Faith remains, all hope on earth is never lost, for not even the gates of Hell can prevail against the Church, as is known. What are, therefore, the real signs of hope?

There is the useful promotion of the traditional Latin Mass done by such major organizations as Una Voce International and its separate chapters, in many countries around the world; Coalition Ecclesia Dei, Latin Mass societies throughout the world; and, the Society of St. Pius X, Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, Institute of the Good Shepherd, Servants of Jesus and Mary (Servi Jesu et Mariae, SJM), Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem, Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius, Canons Regular of the Holy Cross, Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer, Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney, and Miles Christi.

There are as well multiple monastic communities, including Monastery of Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek, Monastery of St. Benedict in Norcia, and Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, and, of course, many other such Catholic congregations and institutions; in addition, there are, to cite only a few among many thousands, various illustrative internet presences such as:,, etc.

All are contributing, in various ways, toward the greater goal of a universal Christian culture prefaced upon a vibrant and active Catholicism, an actually practiced belief, along with the Eucharistic life and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the other saints, as with belief in the Communion of Saints. All such thinking affirms the important doctrine of extra Ecclesiam nulla salus within the wider context of a Christocentric focus upon the development of Christian culture with its related implications and cognate ramifications, of course.

A solid kind of arithmetic base is being steadily created by which, over time, the wondrously combined forces of demographics (large traditionalist families), money (they contribute at higher rates than most Catholics), and ordinations will, thus, decisively trump and surely defeat the well-oiled machine of the postconciliar Church that has spawned and helps to maintain numerous sedevacantist groups that, logically, do remain, at the very least, seriously in schism.

They insist upon the definitely heretical notion that Christ had abandoned his Church by supposedly leaving the seat of the Vicar of Christ vacant of any truly legitimate pope. Nonetheless, all those traditionalists who justly reject sedevacantism adhere to the best understanding of orthodoxy and, therefore, are much more intimately involved and in line with this correct Church renewal argued for, extensively, in this article.

How so? The accumulating “sand” of the aforementioned trifecta of demographic power, donations, and ordinations will eventually get into the gears of the machine to stop it forever and help burn away through friction the evils inherent; then, the preconciliar Church, through the much invoked inspiration of the Holy Ghost, will rise as a phoenix from the flames to rightly recapture the ecclesiastical structure away from the seeming and many real infidels, many of whom are, in fact, atheists.

Thus, there is real hope and not a shallow sort of strained optimism. Why? Novus Ordo Missae (New Mass) congregations are substantially dying out, some faster than others, through normally quite lax teachings, sexual permissiveness, abortions, and artificial contraception. For a good tree will bear good fruit; an evil tree will yield bad fruit. The pandemic moral plague of neo-Pelagianism, the secularization through ideology of the terrible errors of Pelagianism (inclusive of denial of the Doctrine of Original Sin), must be constantly fought against because it powerfully represents the forces of Hell on earth.

But, when the tables are later turned against the liberal and modernist Catholics, there should be no attempt to take revenge; rather, mercy is required as all ought to hope for mercy from God. After the early Christianized Jews were persecuted by their fellow Jews, they had learned from this heritage of deadly suppression and, in turn, often committed acts of persecution against the Hebrews after the Christians became the majority population.

One hopes that this kind of situation will not be repeated when the traditional Latin Mass Community becomes the majority, for the traditionalist movement is constantly gaining strength. Persecution produces tougher Catholics among those who survive the test with yet greater faith, for those who have been faithful do wish to practice Christian love and forgiveness.

Demography, on average, constantly works against the decadent and diseased postconciliar Church, so that liberal-oriented ordinations, over time, must logically then become fewer and fewer, as to the basic tendency to be then observed. It has been well said, furthermore, that demography is destiny; the real future, undoubtedly, has always belonged to the fertile, not to the physiologically or, for that matter, religiously sterile.

Thus, the heartbreaking and terrible crisis in the Church has had and will have consequences, meaning as the postconciliar Church follows the degenerate and decadent, debased and debauched, secular order in the Western world toward a much richly deserved oblivion; that which is not truly with and for Christ is to be held, therefore, as being anathema.

In any event, those who are genuinely humble and pure in heart will see God, for they appropriately focus all things in Christ as with Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium upholding Catholicism.  All this, moreover, properly seeks the true fullness and allied authenticity of the genuinely superb Catholicity of the Faith against all heresies and, in fact, also athwart their secular equivalents, for there ought to be no doubts that Jesus is the Christ.

Large, religious, orthodox families, the true and healthy future of the Church, are clearly joyful rebellions against the evil Spirit of VC II.   Contrary to many ignorant or misinformed pessimists, therefore, there are many genuine reasons for viable hope, though the struggle will be long and quite hard and take, at least, several or more generations; but, time is manifestly on the good and advancing side of Roman Catholic orthodoxy, not the aberrant New Mass and its often wayward adherents.   The latter, on the whole, do not actively seek the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, which they might, at most, think of as being merely symbolic in nature.

The orthodox seminaries always have, year after year, many more enthusiastic candidates for the sacred priesthood than they can reasonably accommodate, which ought not to be unexpected; the Novus Ordo places, in marked contrast, rarely ever have enough eager young men (too many of whom are probably homosexuals) and, usually, have much less. It is then empirically clear that religious orthodoxy acts as a powerful magnet, therefore, for significantly attracting many who are sincerely interested in furthering the Holy Faith, not the sinful generation of hatred directed against human beings.

What is needed is to vigorously sidestep the ongoing worldliness of the postconciliar Papacy, the vanity of the Vatican. Why is this boldly asseverated? Beginning with John XXIII and even including Benedict XVI and, of course, especially Pope Francis, the sinful era of the Conciliar Captivity began, was continued, and as observed has not, unfortunately, ended. This heuristic point, of course, needs to be explained in the right context of what this article is about both defending and elucidating.

As the proper historical example, the Avignon/Renaissance Papacy had manifestly demonstrated its worldliness by aping or paralleling the ebullient, rationalist, and aggressive secular-humanist society that grew up in Europe starting in the late 13th century and after; such openly secular-minded popes, in tune with the humanist Renaissance, kept their own elaborated courts, courtiers, and such other rather overt accoutrements of noted earthly opulence and expense that often, in fact, seemed to rival equal and lesser secular rulers, during the (religiously sad) time of this Avignon Captivity in France.

The Conciliar Captivity, therefore, logically presents the same difference in that this other type of equal worldliness stresses how much the postconciliar Church wishes to eagerly embrace the secular society and culture by endeavoring to somehow parallel or ape what is going on by having a Church-sponsored humanism. But, no valid anthropocentricism can simultaneously embrace Christ qua Savior and God-Man supreme as well as the laicist contention of the Enlightenment that no Deity’s existence is required for the having of human dignity qua humanism; the integral contradiction cannot at all be so bridged.

Not surprisingly, the true or main business of a religious institution gets itself extremely and wrongly always neglected when such an ecclesial establishment pursues its very odd vision of (secular-paralleled) humanism, instead of rightly cultivating holiness for then better concentrating upon how to lovingly bring salvation to millions of people; the latter can only be done, appropriately, by stressing religious orthodoxy qua the truth, not modernism in belief, which is proven, many times over, by the destructive crisis that vilely afflicts the Church.

This is why, as was said above, Pope Francis, a truly pathetic figure, needs to be treated as a nonentity in terms of the important work that requisitely must be done for restoring the vitality of orthodoxy back into Holy Mother Church, not its weird postconciliar counterpart that ought to fade away as quickly as possible. Fortunately, the growing institutions of a healthy and resilient orthodoxy, such as the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, Society of St. Pius X, Una Voce International, etc., are working toward breaking the power and hold of the evil and often awkward worldliness of the Conciliar Captivity.

All the various and creative elements of the traditional Latin Mass Community (TLMC) can come to communicate with each other and, when practicable, do planning toward whatever common goals may help to better satisfy the needs of the TLMC, the new counterculture that is currently marginalized and largely despised by the modernists. Networks of various types can, also, be created whereby cognate activities can be better coordinated for creating a kind of wanted synergism.

This would be for helping then to better situationally or otherwise multiply the positive effects of the actions taken or, perhaps, decisions made, which should have, when requisite, worldwide consequences for Holy Mother Church. Besides prayers, novenas, recitations of the rosary, and devotions of various types, major efforts would naturally include furtherance of Mariolatry as one of the primary sources of religious strengthening for increased faith and the gaining of more spiritual rigor than is the typical case with the postconciliar Church.

A kind of clearinghouse website should exist for intelligently assisting all the aforementioned work, so as to keep the, admittedly, entire logistically embattled network of the TLMC informed on a 24/7 basis. Modern telecommunications and internet technologies, as to their enormous and continuing advances, do make this more and more easily possible and, as a direct result, not a mere dream. Spirituality in a Catholic sense does not exclude common sense regarding taking advantage of modern technologies for strengthening and advancing the Faith, in being as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

The hopeful synergistic affects and effects would then, moreover, logically spread much more rapidly and concisely throughout the both intercommunicating and intracommunicating TLMC network; this is for the ever greater building up of a growing “fighting corps” for the Church Militant, as guided by the Holy Ghost, for also spiritually celebrating the ever Church Triumphant in Heaven, the true home of Christians.

If carried on successfully in such a fashion, over a fairly long enough period of time, there could then come into being a new Christendom with its Christian culture pervading the entire world, not just the Western world. There should be no lack of ambition, missionary or otherwise, when it comes to truly bringing the chance at salvation to the masses of people all over this planet.

An importantly renewed and revitalized missionary spirit would, indeed, be a rather good thing to have and, moreover, so justly essential for spreading the Gospel message continuously. People need to be reminded, in addition, of the four last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.  But, must this be an impossibility in an age dominated by too much hyper-emotionality as with, for instance, the multiplying numbers of groups demanding the ideologically coveted victim status?

What has been called the needed re-Evangelization is always possible because Catholicism remains the truth as to the highest realization of Gospel truth; nothing else comes close, for the ontology involved with its theological teachings supports the epistemology, firmly behind the consideration of Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium, and resultantly determines the cognate correctness of the axiology involved with affirming the integral value and basis of all of Christianity itself.

The world, thus, still has to be often rightly reminded that the Church vitally exists to help fight the many harmful effects of Original Sin and its malevolent consequences, for a single unrepented mortal sin destroys the life of grace in a human soul and earns a quite suitable place in Hell forever; universal salvation is, thus, a grave, evil, and delusional heresy of modernism in theology.  The glorious word of life must be counterpositioned to the societal nihilism that is so prevalent due to the dehumanization process of the Culture of Death, the word of nihilism.

One, thus, sees this understanding extrapolated quite explicitly, for instance, in the Gospel of St. John and his pointed discussion of the Word qua Jesus Christ.   How so?   The vital ontological, epistemological, and axiological basis, the Way, the Truth and the Life, of Catholicism, directly and indirectly, resides with the Son of the Father, the Messiah, the Liberator of this world.

Re-Evangelization can, therefore, be carried out on that aforementioned basis because neither the forces of strident secularization nor pervasive repaganization can withstand such a weight of truth whenever orthodoxy is the guide and standard of the how and why of defending the Word made flesh. If such an effort of zealous missionary activity were to be conducted, e. g., in contemporary Ireland, the current growth of demonology and witchcraft there would be not just halted but almost totally reversed within two to three generations.

Emotionalism and irrationality can be ultimately conquered by a religion, through orthodoxy, that truly combines faith and reason by never splitting one against the other, which is, of course, the traditional understanding of Catholicism.

Christianity qua orthodoxy has, as could be guessed, the liberating effect of dispelling the errors and terrors of mythological nonsense and sheer superstition that had been encouraged by the deleterious effects of a relativistic secularism-cum-humanism that created a vacuum of belief filled by a willingness to believe in almost anything. G. K. Chesterton had, as usual, said it well long ago. When people cease to believe in God, they do not then supposedly become just rational atheists, for the majority are so then easily disposed to believe in a wide variety of things, as with, as was noted, Ireland’s shocking repaganization. 6

And, what can be among the approaches toward building a new Christendom? Though now a much beleaguered and spat upon minority, the TLMC will be a growing Catholic force in adamant favor of forwarding living, organic, efforts in successfully securing more and more sources of sustainable religious orthodoxy and its appropriate practice.

The quite routine having of large families means that increasing numbers of vocations to holy orders, for both men and women, will be populated by those religious people raised to intensely respect and honor theological traditionalism as well as the dogmas and doctrines of the Church.  The interrelated effects of prayer, suffering offered to God, time, money, demographics, and vocations all combined will come to ultimately topple the evil Conciliar Captivity, the stake deliberately slammed into the heart of Holy Mother Church.

This invasive and eager religious cadre of the TLMC can only expand, over the years and decades and scores of years ahead, which will eventually tip the scale, as an incremental result, in strong favor of adhering to and promoting orthodoxy as the main effort for the success of the Faith.   Its contempt for the worldliness of those who had been the postconciliar pontiffs, including Pope Francis, would act as a much needed rebuke of such surely improper behavior that had struck at the heart of Catholicism and, thereby, rendered more difficult the useful overall promotion of Christianity in the society and culture.

What is needed?   The major direction of the popular culture must be changed significantly, especially when it is realized, through the critical thinking and writing of the historian Christopher Dawson, that religions are the bases of cultures; it is and must, logically speaking, be even more so for the appropriate building up and quite useful furtherance of Christian culture, as it was known to Dawson and others.   There must be, of course, an orientation toward the Eucharistic life as to the central point of any valid notion of Christianity, which is a superb part of the true spiritual richness of Catholicism, along with all the other sacraments, the saints, rituals, etc.

Many prayers, sacrifices of suffering, time, money, etc., and novenas, of course, are also needed for helping to ask God for a faster ending of the immoral Conciliar Captivity; all such actions can so help to build up quantities of sanctifying grace for the massive struggles ahead.   Masses can, of course, be offered for this also, besides resort to rosary crusades, nor should proper resort to any appropriate sacramentals be rejected for encouraging holiness.

Humble abstinences, fasts, and many acts of penitence will be needed, during this time of suffering, to better help secure the needed victory for orthodoxy in religion; no pain, no gain; this is versus the greatly diminished faith being observed by hundreds of millions of lackadaisical or indifferent Catholics having no true concern for profoundly repenting because their numerous sins.   Only the truly humble or pure in heart can expect to make it to Heaven, not the mostly prideful devotees to VC II.

It could be proposed, in addition, that there be organized an annual pro-TLMC Congress or Conference for better assisting with the overall coordination of all such morally good efforts to return the Church back to a blessed level of sanity fully consistent with religious orthodoxy, Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Holy Faith, of the liberating light of Christ.

There must be, therefore, a Catholic combination of continuous prayer and work, ora et labora, involved in this noble undertaking for the necessary rebuilding of Catholicism more in the image of Christ. The evident lack of true concern for orthodoxy by Pope Francis must then be properly balanced by dedicated elements of the laity and clergy in requisite response; his terrible Conciliar Captivity worldliness is to be completely rejected, for there is no choice otherwise, for the light of Christ will come to illuminate the darkness.

All of these important efforts could be seen, therefore, as the righteous arithmetic base that, when intelligently applied and rightly multiplied in its many beneficial consequences, produces a favorable geometric result; this will then, one hopes, continually increase the so highly requisite and suitable, advantageous and strategic, pressures against the evil Conciliar Captivity and, moreover, for the better vindication of true Catholicism.

The traditional Latin Mass preserves an atmosphere of reverent worship, profound reverence for the Real Presence, fidelity to Catholic doctrine, a liturgy founded in great antiquity, theological stability, and the priest, the alter christus, as the true sacrificer at the altar.   Here is to be found thoughts related to penance, Purgatory and transubstantiation because salvation is by grace and works, not faith alone, regardless of what the heretics may say.   Every Catholic is, therefore, to be an Athanasian believer, for every day and age, as heroic warriors for Christ the King.

Considering that the rapid de-Christianization of America and the Western world continues apace, it will be even more important for all  truly dedicated traditionalists to stand firm in the Faith, as the morals and mores of the increasingly both oppressive and suppressive mainstream society and culture surround them and seek to crush them.   The Culture of Death is still very much regnant, as can be easily seen from internet stories, TV reports and news headlines.

For instance, the erotic revolution, unfortunately, has barely begun, which statement may shock uninformed or naïve observers pathetically unaware of the full extent of what is so occurring and, more to the point, what will predictably happen.   Informative reading would, thus, definitely include Degenerate Moderns: Modernity as Rationalized Sexual Misbehavior by E. Michael Jones.

In America, Federal judges are in the totalitarian forefront of the ever crescive degrees of persecution aimed specifically at and against Christians who are being forced to violate their consciences in forms of involuntary servitude (read: slavery) contrary to the US Constitution itself.   Sodomites, thus, have now become a truly privileged aristocracy as a special class who do both expect and demand thoroughgoing obedience, deference, and respect concerning their literally perverse will.   Weimarization is occurring, within this county, at an ever more rapid pace primarily because of liberalism-leftism and its many evil consequences in the insane quest for Utopia (by whatever euphemism).

As could be notably guessed, moreover, this is truly an age for always vigorous and vital Catholic Action, not passivity, in the horrible face of this ongoing vile and real threat to traditional Catholicism, meaning with the latter’s puissant orthodox favoring of all the dogmas and doctrines, for their, then, improved upholding of definitive religious orthodoxy.   For every era should call forth the need to observe both the corporal works of mercy and the spiritual works of mercy for the building up of a Christian culture, for true mercy and charity need to be understood.

One ought to evoke the enlightening words of Pope St. Pius X, in his Our Apostolic Mandate (1910), where he wrote: “Catholic doctrine tells us that the primary duty of charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas, however sincere they may be, nor in the theoretical or practical indifference towards the errors and vices in which we see our brethren plunged.”

Over time, as was noted, the postconciliar hierarchy will eventually be replaced, through the attrition of their passing away, by those traditionalist-minded prelates dedicated to having the holiness restored of the preconciliar Church attitude and spirit versus the prevalent modernism of what largely currently exists for now, meaning the same errors that St. Pius X had, wisely, warned against long ago.

In any event, however, it is important to critically remember that, in the year 2007, Pope Benedict XVI, in his magnificent motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, had authoritatively declared that the right to what got defined as the Extraordinary Rite of the Latin Mass could not, in fact, be denied to the faithful by any of the bishops; the hierarchy was no longer simply permitted to interfere, which was, in truth, often the case.

Although Pope Francis, in February 2014, had so ignorantly characterized ardent worldwide devotion to the traditional Latin Mass as a mere fashion or fad that will, sooner or later, pass away, his greatly obtuse thinking is and will be disproven many times over, generation by generation, as support for it increases exponentially versus the obviously dying Novus Ordo, which, logically as the matter has been already analyzed, has fewer and fewer participants or celebrants over time.

The Pontiff is not a stupid man; he is, however, greatly misinformed and, thus, lacks knowledge, which is the definition of ignorance, not stupidity.   The Holy Father, locked into his emotional dream world, is surrounded by his dedicated sycophants, a decadent Curia, and the Velvet Mafia (activist sodomites) who all together have no actual interest whatsoever in helping the TLMC; just the opposite is the real case, of course.

Regardless of the inaction or torpor of the present Pontiff, and, of course, in set proper line with the hopeful thoughts oriented toward the continuing revival of traditionalist Catholicism centered around the immemorial Latin Mass, there should be organized some sort of a worldwide crusade for adamant orthodoxy as the vanguard effort that, therefore, gives yet greater life to the significant Catholic Action needed in its vital support, for exalting the sacred and putting the profane in its proper place.

This suggested crusade, literally, the taking up of the Cross, would be meant to build upon the annual pro-TLMC Conferences, the clearinghouse website, and many other related activities that will, thus, further empower and invigorate, enable and stimulate, the entire traditionalist Catholic movement worldwide, which includes, of course, the religious defense, e. g., of the orthodox doctrine of supersessionism against Judaism.

The above-cited dynamism, practical and spiritual, involved toward the glorious goal of rebuilding the Church would then become an ever enlarging and expanding movement wondrously encircling the entire globe, through the sanctifying process of giving this glory for Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.   What is certain is that the present mainly decadent and useless ecclesial hierarchy should be sidestepped in this basic process unless and until enough upcoming prelates, imbued with the urgency and spirit of proper orthodoxy, come forward to willingly assist with leading this great crusade until one of its members eventually becomes a pope.

This is not impossible as to a reasonable achievement of the movement.  During the Middle Ages, for instance, a number of popes were chosen out of the reformed orders and congregations for leading the Church. True reform has and can, in fact, occur if the decision is genuinely made, in a conscientious manner, with the sought guidance of the Holy Ghost for fighting against the ravages of mortal sin, for a Catholic life is meant to be entirely holistic and not absurdly compartmentalized as with the evil dictates of a secularized modernity; secularism is, in short, the victory of heresy, though often, these days, not recognized correctly as such.

Thus, a great lion of the Faith is needed to superbly counteract the numerous negative trends that, unfortunately, developed after VC II, especially due to the Spirit of it. This strongly orthodox crusader-pope would then so help to institutionalize requisite reforms geared to restoring the wanted quest for holiness by solemnly and righteously repudiating VC II as just a false turn that had greatly harmed, not helped, Holy Mother Church.   Here would be seen the honoring of the venerable Fathers and Doctors of the Church, along with calls for acts of corporal and spiritual works of mercy to be lovingly amplified for an orthodox renewal of faith.

Upon a very deep analysis and studied reflection, however, any truly positive results that did occur could then be partly accommodated, if and when kept solidly within the determined confines of the thrust of orthodoxy, not the to-be-condemned worldliness of the Conciliar Captivity.   The notably horrid attempt itself, therefore, to dumbly ape secular humanism with its false enlightenment would be, thus, correctly declared as being at an end, never to be revived.

Otherwise, anything and everything else involved must be consciously ripped out root and branch until it has been thoroughly disclaimed and dishonored, rightly renounced and vilified, without question, meaning as to its ever blasphemous Hegelian dialectics based upon its nominalism in cognition.   The current Catholic religious prospect is, of course, a daunting and monumental, though not impossible, challenge in that it presents a three-fold aspect as to the vigorous actions to be intelligently brought to fruition.

There must, simultaneously, be three main efforts undertaken: 1.) the “re-conversion” of the nominally Catholic majority that is enthralled to the Novus Ordo as a consequence of VC II, 2.) an appeal to the merely “cultural Catholics” who are not affiliated with any parishes or regular Church contact, and 3.) having a new Evangelization oriented to all non-Catholics in the spirit of St. Athanasius.

The first effort is made importantly necessary because, as the 2014 Catholic Opinion Poll had revealed, the majority of the allegedly faithful are clearly opposed to most major teachings such as concerning abortion, contraception, etc.; that poll had, in fact, only confirmed what had been truthfully reported, by secular polling agencies in such opinion surveys, taken over the past forty years.

The so-called cultural Catholics have to become rightly convinced that this plainly subjectivistic position is both meaningless and ludicrous because it is not consistent, logically, with the holiness demanded of a sacramental life truly required for achieving salvation.  Equally, the centrality of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ought to be stressed as being central to what it means to be a Catholic, not simply a Christian.  This is why realism must be stressed, not any talk related to the always aberrant Church of nice.

The last matter, as to non-Catholics, is just obvious as to properly most revamping missionary activities and substantive outreach, while all three issues must, of course, be dealt with in terms of overtly stressing and communicating about the vital need for orthodoxy.  The ultimate goal is that all those professing to be Christians will want to lead a Eucharistic life for the sake of their souls’ salvation, for the repentance of mortal and venial sins, for the greater glory of God.  This is, also, for the mortification of body and soul.

Such an effort can, of course, be greatly aided by the recitation of the rosary added, for instance, to special devotions to the Mother of God.   All of this together will lead toward a much empowered Catholicism that is supposed to dominate the entire life of a good Catholic; religion, therefore, is not meant to be compartmentalized, as is the secularist practice wrongly demanded by modernity.   When the Conciliar Captivity falls largely through attrition, the TLMC will, by then, have created the necessary and viable infrastructure to assist with the effort to make sure that the religious and spiritual vacuum within the Church can be properly filled with faith, hope, and charity.

Thus, what is occurring now, throughout the world, is the slow congealing of the various parts of this requisite kind of future infrastructure, possessed of obvious importance, which will be vitally needed to carry on with the salvation of souls, as the still expected growth of (the atheism of) statism, tyranny, increases into the 21st century.

Orthodoxy, furthermore, gives to its dedicated religious adherents, during times of ongoing persecution, more inner spiritual strength than is ever true from the pallid results of belief in religious liberalism.  Credence will be tested, in a furnace of pain and suffering, as the State, Hobbes’ Mortal God, claims to become more and more omnipotent, as the profane seeks to triumph over and against the sacred.

This is why the traditional liturgy, found in the ancient Latin Mass, is absolutely essential to the hopes for the formation of an effort at creating a new Christendom.  There is, as truly ought to be known, the matter of lex orandi, for the believers pray the traditional Latin Mass and the associated rich sacred liturgy that has been handed down to them, through the ages, in the glorious life of the Church.  They are certain that proper and appropriate fidelity unquestioned to the usus antiquior is so surely vital for such an effort.

Equally, lex credendi is intimately involved in that they devoutly believe in the Holy Catholic Church as well as her venerable teachings and honored traditions, for this righteous belief has, at a minimum, been the highest source for the splendid enrichment of faith, piety, and culture in the entire history of mankind.   Needless to say, this logically leads to the spiritual consideration of lex vivendi because this surely great ongoing apostolate of faith, communal service, and devotion exists by which people can then the better endeavor toward holiness, in suitable forms, that parallel superbly the three great moral duties toward God: to know, love, and serve Him.


Through always seeking the added help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the TLMC and all those affiliated directly and indirectly with it will, increasingly, have a positive impact upon and, more specifically, against the Conciliar Captivity created by VC II. Orthodoxy and the noble quest for seeking, sustaining, and strengthening this religious virtue is the critical key to the continued success for all such requisite efforts directed toward properly rebuilding and appropriately revitalizing Holy Mother Church, for lex orandi, lex credendi, and lex vivendi are definitely interrelated realities stressing the required fullness of faith.

This should then contribute substantially and substantively, moreover, regarding the always proper orthodox interpretations of Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium for ever forwarding the holy work of the Church by discrediting, over time, the formal basis of the increasingly eroticized repaganized society and culture of the contemporary era.   The emotionalism of the postmodern movements of thought and action, the rationalization of sin, is not reasonably sustainable over the long haul of time. Decadence becomes finally unsustainable.

The inherent and very evil immanentism of neo-Pelagianism must, therefore, become more and more effectively repudiated and unequivocally denounced as being so necessarily opposed to Christ and His Kingdom, besides offending greatly the Holy Mother of the Son of the Father.   Such must be among the central purposes of defending Catholicism now and into the future.

Progressively, step by step, the secularist façade is to be intelligently ripped away to reveal the inner workings of the various layers of unmitigated superstition and allied vice operating within both modern and postmodern cognition and, resultantly, the oppressive political, societal and cultural structure of contemporary civilization with its preference for statism.

However, nihilism is a dead end, the natural product of the Culture of Death, which explains why, e. g., C. S. Lewis’ The Abolition of Man still remains interesting and pertinent reading today.  The accumulated sinfulness of modernity and, moreover, the sinful claims of an increasing postmodernity do not get recognized by either secularist or neopagan advocates who do commit their rationalizations for the predominance of evil, which gets pragmatically and positivistically ignored as a direct consequence.

In set contrast, Catholicism qua orthodoxy, as seen through the TLMC and all of its related forces and institutions, will come to properly restore and reestablish the fundamentals of what ought to be the right understanding and correct comprehension of the Roman Catholic Church and its glorious mission to sanctify the people of the world, through Christ the Lord, for the infinitely important purpose of supporting the salvation of souls.

Athanasius contra mundum!


1.)  See: Dietrich von Hildebrand, Trojan Horse in the City of God; Michael Rose, Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church; John Senior, The Death of Christian Culture; Christopher A. Ferrara and Thomas E. Woods Jr., The Great Facade: Vatican II and the Regime of Novelty in the Roman Catholic Church; Ralph M. McInerny, What Went Wrong with Vatican II: The Catholic Crisis Explained; Kenneth Jones, Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II; and, of course, the many informative books written by Michael Davies.   See also a much more recent summation of the terrible failures of VC II:

2.)  Secularization (read: atheism) condones almost any kinds of alternate lifestyles based upon the subjectivism of what gets often called pragmatism or positivism, which, in turn, progressively justifies all manner of decadent hedonism, relativism, materialism, and naturalism that leads, ultimately, to a nihilism often blindly called humanism.   All of this must be forever opposed, of course, by the directly contrary teachings of Catholicism.

Widespread sodomy, fornication, etc. creates moral chaos that, sooner or later, directly affects the political order by not calling forth some edenic Utopia or anarchy but, rather, evil statism with its always attendant injustice, oppression, and suppression.   The legalization, e. g., of abortion-on-demand in 1973 has had fatal consequences for both genuine morality and correctly understood social civil liberty, for one cannot exist effectively without the other.   The political-ruling class (a distinct minority) in America now lords it over the country class/majority as if by a divine right; oppression is becoming to seem a natural condition of the newly made serfs, the former citizens.

Unfortunately, few see that Communism and Capitalism are not antagonistic; they are, in fact, the two sides of the exactly same coin of modernity, meaning secularism, hedonism, materialism, pragmatism, and nihilism, favored by the political-ruling classes throughout the entire world.   In short, evil is said to be good and good gets condemned as being evil.

3.)  St. Paul rebuked St. Peter regarding the controversy of whether or not Gentiles had to first adopt Judaism as a halfway measure before conversion to Christianity; Peter ended up fully accepting Paul’s rejection of any need to Judaize people prior to becoming believers in Christ.   So, yes, it is a historical and religious fact that even the very first Vicar of Christ was made subject to a talking to by a prominent member of the Church.   Peter had learned from Paul that no one is beyond requisite rebuke in a Church filled with sinners and saints.

4.)  Pope Francis seems oblivious to the true nature and substance of his duties as the Vicar of Christ. See:

5.)  The Supreme Pontiff, the Bishop of Rome, is apparently completely unaware of the utter saturation of modern Western society and culture with ideological concerns that has necessarily led to the rampant politicization of what are supposed to be mainstream societal and cultural norms.   His becoming a manifest pop icon of the mass media bespeaks this stark reality in that perception, in this day and age, normally trumps mere reality.   His presumed admirers can be found at Rolling Stone and the Weinstein Company, so the man’s clearly got, in the vernacular, what’s called “street cred.”

He is now then, of course, both existentially and phenomenologically coopted, in effect, as being an associated servant of the Culture of Death, meaning surely gross moral insanity.  His seeming naiveté is, consequently, as remarkable as it is undeniably disgusting to observe.   But, it may be fairly said, where is the overt proof of this accusation?   There is, thus, no great surprise concerning how much Pope Francis gets extravagantly praised out of all rational proportion to what, in contradiction, ought to be sincere devotion to the (Catholic) Culture of Life qua Catholicism.

The publicly announced enemies of Holy Mother Church, those who wish to destroy utterly the Catholic Faith, do perceive something in him that makes them greatly lionize this pope, even more so than was equally true, e. g., for John XXIII.   This is, to say the least, a demonically bizarre situation.   But, this is not judgment, of course, passed upon his interior motives, meaning within his soul, that can be known only by God.   See:

Recently, however, it can be noted here that there is now a magazine devoted solely to him:

6.)  See:   See also: ChurchMilitant.TV’s episode covering the mass apostasy in Ireland.