Great Roman Catholic Schism: Intended Consequence of the October 2015 Bishops Synod

by callthepatriot

Great Roman Catholic Schism: Intended Consequence of the October 2015 Bishops Synod

By Joseph Andrew Settanni


For those who have been paying close attention, it should be quite obvious, by now, that Pope Francis seeks to provoke an intended schism within the Roman Catholic Church.  How can this ecclesiastical horror be contemplated?   Why is this said?

His favoring of various heresies and near heresies that will be adopted, however subtly or plainly, by this terribly ill-founded Bishops Synod, cannot but have the then logical consequence of theologically and religiously dividing many Catholics against other Catholics, as to what orthodoxy means and does not mean.

This apparent “triumph” of evil, nonetheless, still carries the proverbial seeds of its own destruction, regardless of a Satanic optimism.

Faith of Our Fathers Challenged

Pope Francis surely desires the equivalent of a major Protestant Reformation by the efforts, sought out especially through the aftermath of this greatly blasphemous Synod, to so significantly transform and transmute the inherent nature of the Holy Catholic Faith for all time.

Regardless of the fact that he will not finally succeed in doing so, however, this certainly demonic effort of his will yet provoke sorrowful dissension, dissent, and discord, among many millions of the faithful, for many generations to come.  Rivers of tears and prayers are to accompany this papal-induced disaster of a severe magnitude; existing dogmas and doctrines will be challenged; the Church will be shaken to its foundations.  At all cost, the Devil, one surmises, is to be pleased by such internal agitation and turmoil.

Obviously, this Holy Father’s tremendously warped perception of and attitude toward the Faith is at enormous subversive variance, to say the least, with any genuinely orthodox understanding and valid comprehension of what is Roman Catholicism consistent with Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium, the three pillars of the Catholic definition, the true and comprehensive sensus fidei.

Judging by his often infamous conduct and nefarious career, he is, one must add, neither a naïve nor ignorant prelate just trying to supposedly do good within his own lights, as is often alleged by most of the uninformed, ill-informed, or simply too unobservant.  This man of the cloth plots carefully and coolly toward the radical objectives, defined by a nominalist orientation of thought, that favor subjectivity, relativism, and ambiguity by existential design, not accident.

The evil of schism is intentional, deliberate, on the part of Pope Francis because he thinks this is the best practical way of driving a permanent wedge between the orthodox adherents of the Faith, a minority, versus the manifest vast majority who are truly quite malleable and flexible, regarding what they are so willing to now supinely believe.

There is fertile ground for much suffering.  The majority of the poor sheep, ignorant of much, are lead by a deceptive and deceitful shepherd intent upon creating both enormous mischief and unholy disorder within the whole Church to please his hubris, parading falsely as humility, and cold contempt of traditional ways and values.

What is Perceived, Seen and Unseen

Tremendously poor catechesis, for at least several generations, has sadly disarmed the vast bulk of Catholics who blindly do assume that if the Pope says something it must be Gospel truth. Most of the unfortunate radicalism of the horrendous results of the detestable Second Vatican Council, the cause of the ongoing crisis, have filtered down into becoming mainly mainstream beliefs and practices.  It is difficult for many to perceive heretical orientations, especially when sponsored and encouraged at the papal level.

Many of the sheep will be led astray, millions are to find various paths toward their damnation, for the invisible powers of darkness are, thus, to rejoice at this insanely bizarre spectacle.  Good called evil, evil said to be good.  Metaphysical warfare, however, is significantly occurring well beyond what so superficially gets noted in popular culture; the so quite viciously and consciously overt attack upon the Christian family, marriage, and morality itself is literally cosmic in its ever ultimate proportions, not just temporal in its consequences, as to what may be easily noticed.  Catholics need to open their eyes and alert their souls.

What will result, basically, is a version of an Arian Heresy problem, where most of the institutions are to be predominately held by the heretics, while the faithful minority, the orthodox people, are to provide a, thus, continuing resistance that will be needed for only a few centuries at most; this since victory against the forces of error is to be achieved, though, of course, through much applied effort.

Eventually, the seemingly triumphant heretics are to be displaced because, as is known, not even the Gates of Hell can prevail against the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of Christ, meaning the Roman Catholic Church.  Sin as evil and as seen in every heresy, no matter how notably bold it may appear, is ever only a negation, not a positive rendering of the Truth, the substantial reality of orthodoxy, of Catholicism.

Ontologically speaking, sin is a lack of good, for by itself only a sort of vacuum exists; the real Christian spirit, moreover, craves the truth, not lies; orthodoxy, not heresy, for the Cross will conquer.   And, the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary is set against the wiles of Satan forever.

Sinfulness will not have the final word in this contest, though those heretical German bishops may cite very high-sounding principles, as with that evil heresiarch Martin Luther, the real bone of perennial Germanic contention concerns money; the ever plainly pleadingly pecuniary question of the governmental subsidy per declared communicant; the “religion” of all radical-bourgeois culture and calculation, not false appeals to supposedly sought after spiritual values and heavenly endeavor.  Such is what is truly at the corrupted heart of the October 2015 Bishops Synod for its too heavily-leagued and heterodox instigators.

There are to be those, however, with an Athanasian resolve ready to contest the field against both the internal and external enemies of Holy Mother Church, as heterodoxy, in the end, is so known to be both spiritually and intellectually puerile at best, repugnant to the Blood of Christ at worst.

For to be most Christian is to be most orthodox as to all proper dogmas, doctrines, and teachings of the immemorial Church, founded by Jesus Christ Himself, and codified by Him forever in the appointment of St. Peter, the Rock.   And, the supreme height of the invigorating orthodoxy of substantive Christianity, for all the ages upon ages, is justifiably exemplified in, by, and through Roman Catholicism, nothing else.


This universal and sacred truth, for over 2,000 years, is affirmed absolutely by the holy blood of the early Christian martyrs, the Communion of Saints, St. Thomas Aquinas, the Council of Trent, the cited pillars of the Faith, innumerable converts such as Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, as to the always correct development of the Faith; the Patristic Fathers; the First Vatican Council; the Doctors of the Church; and much, much else besides.

The profound theological and religious weight and courageous substance of Catholicism, therefore, can only come to crush the contemptible vanity of Pope Francis and his more hard-core sycophantic followers.

The terrible future schism being vilely welcomed by Pope Francis cannot, therefore, last forever.  His vain heterodox hopes are, therefore, to be eventually just dashed asunder.  As during the centuries of the Arian Heresy, the often oppressed laity is to valiantly and heroically pour forth many requisite vocations, prayers, sacrifices, penances, holy families, money, and their blood, sweat, and tears, when needed, to help secure the blessed future for Catholicism, not heresy.  Holy Mother of God, ora pro nobis.

And yet, there is glory, be it told, living and dying by the Sign of the Cross.

Athanasius contra mundum!