Roman Catholicism during Late Imperial Era America

by callthepatriot

Roman Catholicism during Late Imperial Era America:

A Disquisition upon the Optimistic Re-evangelization of America and the West

By   Joseph Andrew Settanni


Realism is called for here, not the reified accoutrements of supposed vanity. The Western world and its once so dominant hegemony is in decline.  Even excessively tolerant Sweden found out that there are very definite inherent problems with vainly attempting multiculturalism, meaning successfully within its growingly insalubrious borders.

Many do find that presumed progressivist tolerance must, therefore, be necessarily quite intolerant, especially toward all (conservative) dissent.

Meanwhile, effeminate globalism seeks to replace a hated nationalism as the transculturalist ideal of the dedicated multiculturalists and globalist elites, while Christians are, routinely, expected to owe their allegiance to abominable regimes that both publicly protect and, moreover, energetically promote the starkly avid, aggressive commission of mortal sins, as fast as can be imagined (or, perhaps, that much sooner). Moral coherence has, therefore, become a joke.

On a significantly smaller matter, placed into focus here, the last dull and fading vestiges of what used to be American, representative, constitutional republicanism are to be quite vilely swept into the truly old dustbin of history, by the November 2016 national election, no matter who gets elected as the next, in effect, emperor of this country; however, it is the time, now to speak, of the Late Empire Age located in North America, for Christians must avoid making an idol of this nation. Idolatry, thus, takes many forms.

At its height, of course, America had surely been the greatest imperial power to ever exist on earth. However, rampant secularization and the compartmentalization of life have proven to be not true enlightenment but just an open invitation to Hell, as witness the genderization of Western society.  Today, much of this nation has been reduced, instead, to a society obsessed with Pokémon Go, not eternal salvation.  Nonetheless, a rather pertinent rhetorical question below, not some odd persiflage, may be asked or, perhaps, at least fairly entertained:

What is the true, vitally distinguishing difference between supposedly choosing an incredibly narcissistic, Calvinistic, criminal, aberrantly nihilistic, megalomaniac (Donald Trump) versus an avaricious, criminal, deceitfully nihilistic, duplicitous megalomaniac (Hillary Clinton)?

Corruption is as Corruption Does

The disintegrating, withering, American imperium, coming more into full view, is to willfully grind to dust whatever truly republican instincts might be somehow remaining within the general populace, if any there be.   One will be seeing the land of the former North American colossus, during the Late Empire, go rapidly spiraling down into the ugly cesspool of history, another substantially failed, though once quite remarkable, attempt at free government, republicanism as to polity, gone so very badly wrong.

On July 5, 2016, a day of monumental infamy, FBI Director James Comey, a thoroughly corrupted and compromised piece of detritus, had spinelessly exercised, what ought to be properly seen as his quite imperial discretion, by not indicting Mrs. Hillary Clinton; and, the revolutionary Founding Fathers of the now long dead Republic turned collectively in their esteemed graves, while the honored dead at Valley Forge had shuddered in abject horror, though this be here no cheap fabliaux.

Justice was totally denied, contemptuously thwarted, and hypocritically laughed at by the political elites. As constitutionalism and republicanism got crudely trampled and spat upon boldly and publicly, the vast majority of the American people had then, in effect, said so resonantly with the merely mythical Alfred E. Newman: “What, me worry?”  There will be no marches on Washington, DC; no protests in all major cites of the nation, no absolutely tremendous revulsion noticed from sea to shining sea, etc.

But, on the other hand, who can properly blame the common people when, e. g., Annual Right-to-Life demonstrations, held for several generations at the Capitol, meaning since the 1970s, all just come to naught. On the other hand, the people are actively and knowingly creating home arsenals and, also, buying many millions of guns, literally, as fast as they get made, which indicates, at a minimum, a quite tremendous lack of faith in government.

Demonstrations with their mere weapons of words and bodies have availed nothing, the population has and is seeking numerous physical weapons that are, in fact, deliberately known to be lethal. Appeal and argumentation from and for the force of justice’s sake is being replaced by the ultima ratio of knowingly deadly force, preparations for domestic civil warfare, civil war, or its basic equivalent.

No rational mind, furthermore, ought to doubt this reality. It can be, furthermore, researched freely as a fact that, starting in 2016, for instance, one sees the mounting monthly purchase of enough guns to equivalently supply all members of the US Armed Forces.  Yes, Obama has, indeed, been the greatest guns salesmen in all of recorded history; let there be no obfuscation about that fact.

Many estimates indicate that there are now at least two to three guns (meaning both legally and illegally purchased) for every man, woman, and child in America, which is not an insignificant indication of fear, hate, and anger at the boiling point – while the predominant majority of the political class just remains indifferent; they are like the casually ignorant people who cannot come to recognize that they are, in effect, living near a smoking volcano. The effete politicians, with their effeminate aesthetics, rearrange meanwhile the proverbial desk chairs on the HMS Titanic.

Very few, nonetheless, can yet take the overt hint that there is truly major trouble, a real warning sign, when each monthly level of gun sales exceeds each previous month’s then broken record. What can be evidently more obvious?  Can they not now see the proverbial handwriting on the wall?  Are that many people, tens of millions, eagerly buying that many guns so prolifically, endlessly, not expecting to ever use them?  And, need it be said most rudimentally, that last question is, thus, the most critical of all.

While the supine politicians go about typically wheeling and dealing, as if everything is simply normal, the seething populous seems to be preparing for a revolution. Disparate realities now exist, while the ruling elite fiddles as the new Rome burns.  (And, those powerful people, perhaps a minority, who really hate what is going on and have the ability to prevent the disaster will, however, never read this article.)

The very instrumentalities of what had once been justice are now perverted, debauched, beyond any recognition to both unethically and immorally produce unmitigated and absolute injustice set beyond the mind’s comprehension. Comey, once (quite absurdly) thought so incorruptible, snidely sold all of his (presumed) integrity and character to the degenerate and decadent service of the quite dissolute and depraved imperium.  And, no matter who gets elected this November, there will then be, eventually, an authoritarian regime with heavily circumscribed civil liberties, at a minimum. Sic transit gloria mundi.

More than one gifted savant has historically noted the relatively sort durations of republics; what is to exist is the oxymoronic democratic-imperialism (read: liberal tyranny) of America, starting now in the second decade of the 21st century.

Any fool who still absurdly thinks he lives in a truly free country should just try going about the streets, talking out loud about the need to vigorously stop the ongoing Islamization of this country, and see just how far he gets before being rudely awakened.  People have, in fact, already been arrested for doing so much less.  The quite hoary guarantees of the Constitution have just become a bad joke, set among the many real vicissitudes of domestic politics sunk to depravity.

And, besides the major blame that ought to be put upon the obvious failure to affirm Christianity in all its spiritual boldness, the lesser failure is due to the steady diminishment of Western masculinity, the noted, enervating, feminization of society and culture that has, indisputably, happened.  As C. S. Lewis had long ago succinctly put it, in his superb little volume, The Abolition of Man, there are too many men without chests, for not all males are real men.

Nothing on earth lasts forever, though many uninformed people can yet be expected to be surprised as the old country of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, becomes, more or less, substantially emblematic of a Third World nation, a truly polyglot, multicultural, rotting cesspit; it will not be a pretty picture to behold, rather, as a living nightmare, so easily evocative of the ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.”

And yet, the glorious Grace of God is still needed more than ever, as orthodox Catholicism is, also, seen as importantly requisite for human beings more than ever, for helping to better endure this so quite mournful transition, this horrid transformation. At a bare minimum, an authoritarian polity or regime ruling by PC status mandates must, thus, result for oppressing the masses, tyranny as the new normal.

Nevertheless, people, both past and present, are fallen creatures living in a fallen world; it is, often appropriately, called the human condition, the empirical and spiritual consequences of Original Sin. Political failure, ultimately speaking, results from substantially prior moral and spiritual failure, a tremendous loss of needed fidelity to God.  Many of the Founding Fathers, moreover, foresaw what would necessarily happen to a nation given to massive Christian infidelity and indifference.

The lamented decline and fall of the American Republic that has, in fact, so obviously occurred reflects upon, as to its much larger impact, the slipshod (can’t think of a better adjective) ending of the imperial sway of the United States of America, in Europe and the world, saeculum, at large.  While the people are being conditioned to be increasingly obedient and passive, the worldwide imperial hegemony is rotting away, along with most domestic freedoms, as ought to be easily noticed.

With a sophisticated contempt for the tradition of classical (not modernist) Natural Law and the overall philosophia perennis, this so visibly predictable degeneration and depravity ought to have been, of course, simply expected, generation by generation, as people had so haughtily turned away from God.  The Lord Almighty, however, will not be mocked with impunity forever.

There are consequences for either outright atheism, practical infidelity for most, or for whatever imitations and variations thereof that despise moral coherence and concomitant valuation of truth as being essential.  One can really understand this better by reading The Gods of Atheism by Fr. Vincent P. Micelli, S.J.

But, as with the once ongoing imperial decline of the ancient Roman Empire, there is now, in a certain parallel sense, the very difficult but doable task of religiously taking up the magnificent challenge of the Catholic re-evangelization of the Western world, which, of course, includes the sadly multiculturalized America. But, look not to one’s supposed societal leaders for help.

The deliberate betrayal, the treason, of the degenerate American elites and those of the West, meaning almost all of them, ought to be so rather obvious by now.  This can be comprehended by reading such works of Charles J. Sykes’ A Nation of Victims: The Decay of the American Character.

This “nation,” if questionably assumed to be such, is filled with increasingly unassimilated and polyglot colonists, not people ever eager to become citizens, so rudely inhabiting, especially on both coasts, an internationalized, ideologized, and urbanized territory that is, jokingly now, still called the USA.

This so horrendous situation easily parallels, therefore, the various kinds of barbarian inclusions, infringements, invasions, and certain incursions that had gradually weakened and finally subverted that past Roman hegemony.  For surely, human beings, subject to pain and suffering, are still sinful fallen creatures living in a fallen world, not meant for any perfection on earth.

Truly, the Past is Prologue

The basically fictional “republicanism” of post-World War II America, circa 1946 to 2008 (arbitrary but proper dating), has been functionally replaced by the starting of the imperial ebb tide, beginning at about 2009 and set far into the future. As with the dreadful fall of the Roman Empire, an enormous sociopolitical and sociocultural vacuum increasingly developed that was, in fact, filled by the Roman Catholic Church; it had, through several very difficult centuries of both light and frightful persecutions, created an infrastructure resilient enough to substantially endure the repeated and harsh barbarian invasions, which, of course, have their most suitably noted parallels existing today.

Roman imperialism, as with all imperialisms, lacked that integral organizational coherence necessary to make religious persecution, absolutely systematic everywhere and at all times, throughout the fullest extent of an empire covering centuries; all such political power structures eventually crumble because of the ever resultant buildup of increasingly powerful internal contradictions possessed that are, over time, unable to later and later successfully handle newer or, perhaps, significantly resourceful challenges to its asserted or assumed survival.

And, besides all that, Christianity had and has proved quite durable, as lasting as is the blood of the past, present, and future martyrs. As opposed to living in an immoral, degenerate Kardashian-style world, this is why the endurance of hardship is an essential element in the Christian life.  No doubt about it.  For easy confirmation, one can read such volumes as How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

With the centralization of potestas (power) ever greater at the core (of the corruption), the extremities of the governmental structure, the regime, erected do necessarily wither, decay, and die eventually; such will predictably happen to the sickly Late American Empire, increasingly taking in unassimilated barbarians (aka often illegal aliens) who are offered the equivalent of Roman “bread and circuses;” and, this is no matter how apparently strong the grand imperium may now seem to appear, when there then plainly comes the true scarceness, open paucity, of genuine will and the so related lack of determination to survive.

For instance, the American boys (and their quality) who hit the beaches at Tarawa are almost all dead; they now cannot militarily help this nation anymore, as the rugged cohorts of mighty Caesar were just not there (in any real way, shape, or form imaginable) for the then pathetic (and last) Emperor Romulus Augustulus. What needs to be maturely said, therefore, to the generations after the Baby Boomers?  Get real!

Only a great lack of historical knowledge or, perhaps, much deliberate ideological blindness beyond belief would be able to just supinely or ignorantly ignore the many manifest parallels that do and will, it is here so logically insisted, exist as time passes further into the increasingly dangerous 21st century.  Imperialism often breeds a large credence in materialism, hedonism, and an enervating skepticism as to religious belief that yields, eventually, to a pervasive cynicism.  This is, thus, not at all insignificant to notice and comprehend, which is an understatement in itself, of course.

The Western world, and America in particular, is witnessing its massive rebarbarization and the rampant rise of a sex-obsessed neopaganism, with its so logically resultant libertarian reprimitivization; there is, of course, multiculturalism, pluralism, diversity, tolerance, and, therefore, the appropriately nihilistic promotion of the cited rebarbarization and cognate reprimitivization that is so obviously all ongoing, with the quite rampant pleas for materialistic naturalism, for secular humanism.

In addition, both myth and magic, though usually and totally unrecognized by almost everybody, have so crescively ravaged political, social, economic, theological, and cultural realities, as this author has critically expounded and detailed elsewhere.1

What is needed, however, is the seriously intelligent and courageous application of religious faith, in this case Roman Catholicism only in it orthodox mode, and much applied intelligence informed by a good knowledge and solid comprehension of history; this is to then appropriately assist in properly alleviating any inordinate or excessive fears; these are as to the present or future realities to be confronted in a manly manner, not with a childish indifference or a manic depression. After all, the Catholic Church in France, for instance, had miraculously survived the libertarian French Revolutions of 1789, 1830, and 1848.

While not absurdly claiming it to be easy or, perhaps, palatable to the mind or spirit of decent human beings filled with humane values, nonetheless, people have endured barbarian invasions and the spread of Christianity was still found to be not just possible, it had, in fact, been done quite successfully to a major degree, though not perfectly. After all, it literally took centuries, as Rome was not built in a day.

Conditions in imperial America and, by the way, Europe too are, increasingly, extremely similar to the late (Roman) Empire experience; this ought not to be shocking, however, to anybody with a proper and informed knowledge of history.

It is a situation that was faced by the Church, lex spiritualis, from about the late 4th century AD to at least the 11th century, as, over time, the late Middle Ages then had a chance to settle in upon a mainly, though not absolutely, Christianized Europe.  There are real cycles to history, though often denied, though as more or less predictably recurrent as is sin itself, of course.

In the cities of America and Europe today, one can, again, in a parallel sense, easily encounter polyglot barbarians mingling with the “Roman” people, as with the aforementioned late 4th century AD to at least the 11th century. Not perfectly ever time, but history definitely repeats itself; this is because of the nature and reality, clear persistence and inherent causality, of what all the atheists, pragmatists, pseudo-realists, positivists, empiricists, agnostics, materialists, nihilists, etc. completely deny as being absolutely nonsensical, ridiculous, and childish superstition to the nth degree imaginable: Original Sin.

What is best, for the needed re-evangelization, is to psychologically adopt what may be appropriately called a “Late Empire” attitude toward what has, is, and will be occurring; this professed reality is to spread with ever greater frequency well into this present century, characterized significantly by the perceived existence and necessarily related effect, cognate result, of a (late) Imperial America. Put much more simply, abnormality is the new normal.  This situation stinks, but the wages of sin is still death, which will, of course, remain a (progressively denied) form of normalcy.

Subjectivism and relativism, once thought to be “isolated” to college philosophy courses, are to run riot through political, societal, cultural, theological, and other areas of human involvement and action. But, none of this should really be news to any acute observers, to supporters of the traditionalist right.

In opposition, those same people who would quickly deny most emphatically that modernity or postmodernity is obsessed with myth and magic (aka fantasizing)  are also the ones who demand assent to such ever truly fictive “realities” as there (supposedly) being multiple, multiplying, or plainly polymorphous genders.

Sinfulness, whether connected to or interconnected with sexual perversions or otherwise, is to govern what is regarded, by the authorities and their supine adherents, as normal human behavior; this is set in whatever manifestations may be deemed creditable, under various conditions and circumstances; all values are, thus, held as mere value-neutral propositions only having “objective” validity in subjective terms of reference; modifications and adjustments are thought to be related and infinite in conception, as when a German politician recently made a serious address to purportedly cover 60 different genders!

Such a mental pattern used to be more easily recognized as insanity, or forms thereof, consistent with cognitive derangement, dissociative thinking, to varying degrees; today, moreover, only what used to be, especially in terms of common sense and basic rationality, called normal is, however, authoritatively declared to be abnormal (as with ladies only using ladies-only lavatories); it could not be held otherwise given, thus, the warped reasoning and illogic made acceptable these days; and yet, many are seeking salvation in technology, while others are (just?) denounced for seeking  the Messiah.

Essentially, political insanity, an end result of philosophical nominalism so purely driven to its logical nihilistic conclusions, is openly regarded now as being normal, meaning in this highly superstitious era governed so much by myth and magic galore. The ever intramundane, secular excess of immanentism necessarily breeds utopianism.

In short, to be better understood here as to its much more innate implications and suitable ramifications, it is a time, as said, of Late Empire and, going still later, into the early Middle Ages, once again; and, this why heresy (the endless repetition of sin) is ultimately boring, while orthodoxy (the way out of recurrent sin) is morally invigorating.

What can be or, rather, ought to be the proper and appropriate response, meaning given the above detailed destruction and degeneration that has and will, surely, further occur concerning America and, in general, Western civilization, (if it may still be now called such)? The Church, by the Grace of God, knows how to respond; it has had, the good Lord knows, a great deal of past experience in these various matters over, literally, centuries of time, should it be willing to act manfully in this crisis.

Against the evil of secularization, there are four euphonious words to consider, filled with both hope and glory, composed of blood and spirit, which do lead to holy sanctification and sacralization for a Christocentric world: Missionaries, Monks, Martyrdoms, and Monasteries. First, there needs to be the sending out of many enthusiastic missionaries, filled with righteous ardor and earnest humility, well beyond anything presently seen on earth, besides practicing the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

They, as spiritual crusaders, are not to exhibit a triumphant vanity or smugness, if they wish their holy endeavor to be truly blessed by God.   Where there is justifiable faith, fides rationalis, all hope is not actually lost, especially when the rosary is earnestly prayed, in spite of the great suffering and intense persecution that ought, plausibly, to be logically expected.

They will go knowing that many martyrdoms are to logically result; did the Apostles do no less? And, the sacred blood of the martyrs ever helps to sustain the faithful.  But, the primary function of raising up such an edifice and devotional effort has to be the nurturing and support for Catholic families in which resides the future; otherwise, there may, indeed, be a lot of motion and movement but no real success; there will be the true need for Athanasian courage and resolve, spiritual determination and persistence.

Safety and Christianity have not always seemed so pleasantly synonymous, as things go along often quite pleasantly within most still civilized societies. And, moreover, is not thoroughly blood-stained Islam, increasingly, challenging the soldiers of Christ to defend the Faith? As these very words are written, literally hundreds of Christians are, in fact, already being murdered for the sake of the Lord, which is the ugly and evil reality of a terribly resurgent Islam.

The ardent missionaries of Christ must, if needed, accept martyrdom, if that is the price demanded by God for the important sake of spreading the true Faith. It will, by the Grace of God, take strong families with an adamant faith dedicated to upholding Catholicism and, moreover, its vindication and exaltation.

If they are willing to murder callously for their devil-god Allah, should the disciples of our Lord not be even more willing to love God and their neighbors by dying, when needed, for Jesus the Christ?  But, as ever, missionaries and martyrdoms are not enough.  Monasteries, by whatever euphemism, have to be wisely spread out across entire continents, as both requisite and vital outposts of exuberant Christian life and for publicly affirming a Christocentric civilization, in, for instance, the reverential spirit of St. Augustine; and, through humbly seeking the important protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of the Messiah, the Christ.

People will need to be taught, educated, and informed by monks (by whatever euphemism) as to why and what is to be properly done for the attempt at having a new Christendom, dedicated to orthodox Catholicism, throughout the entire world, not just America and Western Europe. Spiritual imperialism of the finest kind filled with true Christian charity, for the loving salvation of souls, is ever to be preferred to oppressive political imperialism.  The monasteries, geared toward fostering community and family life, can provide good havens from the outside world, if it be consonant with the will of God.

In these many devoted institutions, there will be appropriately taught: Church Latin for laying the proper foundation of a universal language of the new Christendom, classical Natural Law, as the sure, guiding, philosophical-universal basis of fundamental understanding; classical-Thomistic Scholasticism, though minus all of the nominalist-inspired aberrations and excrescences that were introduced by many of the Late Scholastics; and, many rather extensive Biblical studies. All efforts, as with the philosophia perennis, being so oriented, therefore, toward encouraging degrees of sustainable erudite interest, devotional moral attitudes, and internalized Christian holiness for individuals, families, communities, and nations.

Education, moral and mental, is an important part of the achieving of a higher level of civilization in that, e. g., increasing numbers of today’s college students are rather militantly demanding now to be or just remain ignorant of vast quantities of needed knowledge. Again, parallels with the fall of the Roman Empire, and its centuries-long aftermath and waning imperialism especially, do become more and more obvious to learned intellects, for many, in the rising generations, wish to be no better than barbarians.

As had been true of the Middle Ages, these new monasteries will have to, once again, help in rebuilding, reconstructing, a civilization by creating what are to suitably become great colleges and universities; these will be dedicated to saving, enriching, and transmitting the best of Christian Western culture to the future generations. Thus, prior planning and foresight are, certainly, to be intimately involved in all these spiritually united and understandably interrelated efforts and activities firmly aimed at the success wanted to help appropriately establish the order, the higher civilization, of the new Christendom, for the families of Christ; they ought to be dedicated to the praying of rosaries and novenas.

This will, of course, be logically inclusive of the enlarging background efforts of spreading the traditional Latin Mass, furthering the Seven Sacraments instituted by Christ, encouraging the proper growth of new, orthodox religious congregations, and the general furtherance of piety, aided by the influence of promoting the Four Cardinal Virtues, as the wholesome basis of a truly humane and well-ordered life.

There is to be, of course, the affirmation of the indefectibility, universality, apostolicity, and visibility of the Church that acknowledges and honors the papacy and its necessity when always rightly understood as being the Catholic servant of orthodoxy and truth; as opposed to mere spiritual anarchism, this will be along with promoting faith, hope, and charity, as the always requisite theological virtues, of course.

Not mere existence at any price but, rather, a full life worth living for Christ, His righteousness, and His kingdom is to be morally pursued. Humanity is, thus, to become more humane through Christianization, which is the direct opposite, for instance, of Islam whereby its too horrid pursuit of Muslim orthodoxy necessarily leads to ugly fanaticism, increased hatred, and a real bloodlust.

For there is a distinctive (orthodox) Catholic way of life, a Catholic ethos, sensus catholicus, that is, for instance, unlike and opposed to a Protestant (read: heretical) way of life; Catholicism is, therefore, so surely meant to then definitely influence society, culture, politics, economics, and all parts of life that do compose a society and, finally, full-scale civilization, not just certain externalities or, perhaps, random disparate obliquities.  This is not the case.

While there is the right condemnation of either Erastianism or Caeseropapism, however, the Catholic political order is to reflect the religious order as to the meaning of Catholicism, of theological orthodoxy in the spirit of St. Athanasius. All are to be one in Christ, not a bunch of variously assorted heretics, within the contemplated mundus Christianus supported by the Catholic political principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, and social justice, the last named as very conservatively, not ever radically, understood, of course.

Otherwise, the indicative meaning and spiritual force of the Catholic Faith will eventually get dissolved into whatever societal or cultural structures that may exist within particular polities. This why, e. g., so much of it has gotten itself so “Protestantized” in America, also known as the Americanist heresy. Thus, the logical and rational focus must be upon orthodoxy and its adamant advocacy and affirmation.

The ever multiplying and, thus, ever multiplicitous particularities of Protestantism can only be heretical, for what was taught by the The Venerable Bede (673 – 735) in England was the same as was taught by St. Isidore of Seville (560 – 636), St. Augustine of Hippo (354 – 430) in Africa, and St. John Chrysostom (349 – 407) of Constantinople, meaning the known universality of Catholic truth coming from Jesus Christ, the Apostles, Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium, not Lutheranism, Calvinism, Mormonism, Anglicanism, Methodism, Presbyterianism, Quakerism, “Whatever-ism,”etc.  Get real!

Catholicity is, therefore, certainly for real. It was no supposed accident or simply very coincidental that the demonstrable universality of Catholicism is, was and will be entirely authentic, as well as historically and empirically verified innumerable times.  Among many others, in widely disparate parts of the world over many centuries and still today, saints such as Bede, Isidore, Augustine, John Chrysostom, Aquinas, Thomas More, and many others affirmed the same, unitive, ultimate theological truth.

All firmly knew the basic universal truths called Catholicism, which remains undoubted, by definition, as to its obvious catholicity and orthodoxy when integrally defended as such. Once again, get real!

Anyone, being so incurably naïve, who thinks that this rather strikingly obvious unity of thought, this so solid universality of teaching, was just purely fortuitous, accidental, or coincidental could be sold the Brooklyn Bridge. Moreover, orthodoxy is the recognition that no one or two of the three main pillars of the Faith, meaning Scripture, Tradition, and Magisterium, could ever contradict one or two against another, as is affirmed by all the Patriarchs, the Doctors of the Church, the Scholastics or Schoolmen, and, of course, numerous popes and prelates, besides educated laity.  Of course, all heretics, being spiritual libertarians, do disagree.

A true comprehensiveness, a fullness and richness, of what broadly exists as more than just another religion is, therefore, supposed to inform and enlighten all of human life, to be a civilizing, educative, agent for human reality, for the Catholic koinos kosmos, the shared world order itself.  What is wrong is the idios kosmos (private world) of denominationalism.  Universality, as to furthering man’s humanitas, is what is intrinsically wanted; catholicity is that which is, by definition, universal.  Nothing less should be extrinsically accepted as to, one suspects, foundational civilizational truth, the ordering of humanity.

One can, quite logically, see that there is only the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, the true lex spiritualis; none other, as can be reasonably understood, exists, as knowledgeable people should know, as, moreover, all who honestly call themselves Christians ought to know, as to the ordering of truth.

Christianity is, thus, not any supposed friend of (“educated”) ignorance; the heritage and traditions, the inheritance and customs, of liberating civility, respectful decency, and educative humanity of the West are always certainly important to transmit into the future. Generations of future citizens ought to know the truth.

A humane society and culture is, moreover, surely worth fighting for and defending against barbarians, whether internal or external, who naturally provoke the evils of chaos and anarchy; for true civilization, by definition, is the humanizing creation of order out of chaos, what used to be called the civilizing process of Hellenization, a gift from the ancient Greeks.

All of these significant activities and religious institutions are to be a genuine part of the ever-spreading ecclesiastical infrastructure and cognate networks covering the world. This new Christendom, the Christian commonwealth, is to exist parallel to the current Roman Catholic Church until all the major evil elements, the known many sinister poisons, of the Second Vatican Council are fundamentally washed out of its structure over the passage of time.  Within Catholicism, nothing is impossible if the justifiable faith, fides rationalis, is strong and can be dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Then, in future, there can be an integration with the formal Church structure well purged of its present secularist, modernist contamination and disease, fully along with any horrid postmodernist accretions. Why is this highly important?  Why is salvific secularism an enemy of basic human reason and sanity?  One can look, on a daily basis, to the now unceasing depravity and degradation done in the truly evil name of progressive Enlightenment, the notably combined dumbing down of education and the defining down of deviancy, of fundamental human decency, as well.

There must be this truly magnificent rebuilding of society, culture and, of course, civilization; above all, there is to be an infusion of all things in, by, and through Jesus Christ, the only true Savior of the world, in the monumental fight against all forms of idolatry (money, sex, power, avarice, etc.) and for the truly needed and rational return to sanity: Christianization, in the sense of invoking the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the Sign of the Cross, suitable for the good moral coherence of the mundus Christianus.

Christians, Catholics, are to lovingly live and die (even as martyrs if so necessary) by that ever true Sign of liberating salvation, of eternal redemption, for those who have been faithful and, thus, die without an unconfessed mortal sin.  Metaphysical, spiritual, struggle is disguised by many political, social, and other issues in that people, being sinful, need to know they are utterly dependent upon God for their highest liberation.  This is properly contrasted, however, with the way the contemporary world goes with its strident anthropocentric attitudes, hedonism, and materialism celebrating a triumphalist secular society.

Because there is no concern for eternal salvation as the real goal of life, secularization can, therefore, only really end, with its positivism, pragmatism, and relativism, in the embrace of nihilism. Some may ask, won’t it take many, many ages or eons of time to pass before any such solid realization can gain its true Christian fruition in fact, not just empty theory?   It is known that human nature, natura vulnerata, the human condition, is inclined toward sin.  Some optimism is, however, still genuinely warranted to a reasonable degree; with spiritual faith, not all is ever lost.

Because of advanced developments in the progressive improvements seen through much innovative transportation, communication, and technologization in general, a vital, new Christendom need not necessarily take many centuries to achieve, only a few generations at most.  These cited factors and others, such as the linkage of science and technology for a truly scientific technology, have provoked crescively what has been rightly and properly called the noted acceleration of history; this is, also, seen in this so noted Late Empire Age.  What is insightfully meant?

Accomplishments and actions that, on average, used to take many or at least several centuries to occur now routinely happen in mere decades, years, or, sometimes, months. The acceleration of history is a genuine reality, therefore, that must be considered.  And, when appropriate, taken full advantage of ever toward the great goals involved in the noble effort to create a vitally Christian civilization, society, and culture, if it be consonant with the will of God; this should be within a broad Augustinian mode of achievement, not any dumb and wrong efforts, e. g., to then supposedly revive a Spanish Inquisition.

There should be no real room for the many evils of fanaticism nor should religious orthodoxy be made into a supposedly acceptable synonym for it, though no heresies are to be tolerated within the borders of the proposed new Christendom, the Orbis Christianus.  The Prince of Peace never wrote in favor of torture chambers for those who disbelieved; and, charity toward others is greater than faith or hope.

No one is to be ever forced, which would surely defeat its purpose, into an acceptance of membership within Christendom, the Kingdom of Christ. People, those whose prepared hearts are full of good will and possessed of humane values, will voluntarily seek of themselves to better survive the ever further disintegration and crumbling apart of what used to be Western civilization or, for instance, the country once known as the United States of America.

They can find a decent place for retaining their sanity and moral composure in what is to seem, outside the Christian homeland, as an entire secularized world gone mad and filled as it is with perversions, inhumanity, and incivility determined to crush the human spirit. Civilization can be rebuilt and these times are, in fact, mightily propitious to be doing so, though with and through the spirit of Christ, as to the usually gradual pacification of many evils.  Reflections, on such matters, can directly relate to main features of metaphysical struggle and the declining American imperium.

Imperialism can have its advantages. The birth of Christ, e. g., did not occur under the time of the prior Roman Republic.  The Age of Augustus Caesar (Gaius Octavius) was privileged to see the coming of the Savior, besides the spread of the pax Romana, of course.  It was an auspicious time to found a religion.  The communication and transportation facilities available, to say the least, were previously unknown, on such a grand scale, in the ancient world.

On the wreckage of empire, the Church had gradually built, for in medieval times, one can usefully recall that Europe was not yet an established sociopolitical identity prior to the rise of nationalism. The region that was to slowly evolve, through the Middle Ages, into the later understanding of itself as being Europe, was known as the lands pertaining to Christendom, to where Christians were known to live and worship Jesus as the Christ, which was their honest pride and joy.

This was in properly reflecting the cultural idea that its various and diverse inhabitants were not only mostly Christian, but, moreover, that those of the generally more committed Christians had so felt a certain conscious sense of a good, shared communal identity with the other Christians within the rather broad dominion, general realm, of holy Christendom.  And, with it, moreover, the needed good sense of a distinctio christiana.

One may say that it can be thought of as being so highly providential that, as with a founding upon the ruins of one empire, the new Christendom is, therefore, to be so suitably founded upon the sad ashes and decayed realities of the American Empire.  In any event, all glory is God’s, and all of history is fully equidistant to His glorious will.

Thus, a real sociocultural crisis, a spiritual fight, of vast civilizational importance exists not just in America, it really so exists in the entire Western/Modern world.  For it is carelessly forgotten by the jaded modernists, the secularists, that as “Old Thunder” Hilaire Belloc had put it succinctly, in his The Crisis of Civilization, “Religion is the main determining element in the formation of a culture or civilization.”

And, such highly important words had been elaborated upon by the Catholic historian Christopher Dawson in many texts. 2   Lord Acton, however, usefully clarified Catholicism, meaning the Roman Catholic Church, in overall relation to any or all of culture and civilization, in his The States of the Church, by writing: “The Catholic Church, while she is militant on earth, is compelled to wage an incessant conflict, both for the preservation of the purity of her doctrines and for her own liberty in proclaiming them.”

One needs, therefore, to most clearly recognize that there are mounting anti-civilizational, anti-societal, and anti-cultural anarchic forces, movements, attitudes, and peoples whose nihilistic collective efforts are surely aimed at destroying matters; and, moreover, this is all done without ever really caring at all about putting anything (recognizably decent and assuredly humane) in its place.  Anarchy and chaos, thus, wish to be regnant and, thus, in full command.  But, it is known, as it was in the past, as to how to then lovingly recreate the Christian conditions of true civilization.

For as Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman said of it, in his Historical Sketches, civilization “is the development of art out of nature, and of self-government out of passion, and of certainty out of opinion, and of faith out of reason.”  In his The Idea of a University, these thoughts were extended to cover what ought to be known as “this commonwealth preeminently and emphatically human society, and its intellect the human mind, and its decisions the sense of mankind, and its disciplined and cultured state civilization in the abstract, and the territory on which it lies the orbis terrarum, or the world.”

But, further than that noted knowledge, there is still a much needed corollary, as was so specified by Pop Leo XIII’s Inscrutabili: “That civilization which conflicts with the doctrines of Holy Mother Church is but a worthless imitation and a hollow name.”   Therefore, all the aforementioned aspirations and ideas may need to be put into the broader context of what ought to be known to the defenders of what used to be Western Civilization, through a brief history lesson; this is meaning as a way of properly removing any doubts as to the critically tremendous reality and intensive seriousness of what so requisitely needs to be both rationally and vigorously faced as to reality.

In Europe, it is known that there are still many historical vestiges of the Roman imperium; but, among the most famous, for instance, in England are the (warning) remains of Emperor Hadrian’s Wall. This was a stone wall extending from the northern east coast to west coast of England and constructed to protect the Roman-occupied country held south of the wall from any prospective terrible raids by the vile northern barbarians, normally, the savage Picts, existing from about the late Iron Age, in Scotland, and usually thought fairly to be of ethnolinguistically Celtic stock.

However, be it keenly noted that its variable success, such as it was, was primarily aimed, directed, at only the potential unarmed invaders, meaning in set terms of a formal sort of requisite boundary or territorial barrier separating, of course, the higher societas civilis Romanus from the known, vulgar, ferocious barbarians on the other side, though all beings are yet, nonetheless, parts of the larger civitas maxima.

The mere reality of Hadrian’s Wall would, thus, never have vigorously halted for long a quite determined attacking army, unless that barrier was always most thoroughly, fully, manned along its entire length, which would have been, no doubt, prohibitively costly.  Therefore, logically, any attempt to then actually garrison tactically the wall, in such a supposed fashion, would be to stupidly weaken the strategic ability of the Roman army to oppose a barbarian horde that would, no doubt, invariably outnumber them, as time passed; and, this needs to be kept in mind for having a proper understanding of such protective walls.  The Romans depended upon mobility, organization, and their good roads.

Scattering, at certain points, its soldiers along an 80-mile front could, thus, rather definitely not, and was not realistically meant to, deter a genuinely mass attack in great force; rather, obviously, it was simply intended to deal, in a fairly practical matter, with a problem that Western Civilization, interestingly enough, is now again facing.  This is true while so few, in Western leadership positions, eagerly wish to face up to it.  Perhaps, in part, it shows a truly major lack of good historical knowledge, as well as a substantial lack of requisitely wise reflection.

That wall was only so constructed to basically halt or, at the least, substantially moderate to a great degree, the steady flow of migrants from the overtly barbarian filled areas from then entering too swiftly into the Roman Empire. A good question here needs to be critically entertained.  Why, may it be critically asked, was this done in the particular manner in which it was, in fact, done?

This was accomplished in this sad way because, even though these rude brutes entered into the Empire peacefully, they did not then beneficently arrive to really benefit the nature of the Empire, but, rather, to primarily parasitically exploit it, as to its vastly abundant resources, the existing material riches and the higher culture.

They did not, in truth, consciously seek to become supposed valuable citizens of Rome but, on the contrary, to still maintain their own brute cultures for infecting the host (Roman) community, which, thus, so decisively meant that they acted as a true imperial liability, not an asset certainly.  Such a reflection is very important to bear in mind.

And, this then was, and is now for the modern world again, the exactly same reality involved through history engaged in mostly repeating itself.  Only quite historically ignorant people would be yet blindly shocked or, perhaps, astonished to see this reality.  But, only naïve or, perhaps, uninformed people do think quite otherwise by, thus, being champions of an open (vulnerable) society with its secularization, the odd “faith” of the faithless.

From this observation of a harsh reality, one coldly perceives more easily how a declining Western culture exists as being increasingly vulnerable to such largely brutish vermin (those so particularly intent on seeking the extermination of Europeans or Americans), to these crescively illegal alien parasites, which, of course, ought to be no very real surprise.  The ancient Romans had to contend with such types.

Perhaps, the “surprise” is, however, that any fair-minded observer would supinely think otherwise, as if witnessing an optical illusion of some sort so oddly composed of heterogeneous people; and yes, this is a rather nasty situation, to say the least, with many ugly implications and horrid ramifications, if not somehow dealt with effectively and efficiently.  How so?  Christianization, added strongly to the significant effects of the proposed spreading of Christian civilization, is highly requisite to the needed civilizing task being  overtly perceived, if it be consonant with the will of God.

Otherwise, the baleful influence of the growing imposition of alien inferior cultures set firmly against a failing, decaying, emasculated, and secularist culture is fairly similar to a parasitic attack being severely suffered by any failing organism or, in this case, sensate beings within organized communities. Though the jaded citizens of a deteriorating and disintegrating secularist community are gradually losing their weakening affinity or attachments to their own sense of community, they may still, as to the basic psychology and sociology involved, feel at least some vague sense of obligation towards it.

After all, it is their own community, composed of their own kind, which is their existing community such as it is; irrespective, moreover, of their notable growing indifference to their decaying secular society’s tradition, they yet somehow or other sense or feel that they have an interest or concern for its supposed welfare.  In opposition, various heterogeneous and aggressive migrants from alien cultures, being social parasites, have no such allied concerns for the invaded host society; they are just more arriving colonists merely existing among strangers with a truly different and to them hostile or inhospitable culture needing, for them, to be crushed or surpassed out of all existence, a deliberate displacement, when it then becomes possible.

These, to put matters more plainly, invaders have not really arrived to humbly seek the bringing of any assumed improvements for their host’s society, but parasitically acting upon their own desires, the substance is taken always at the expense of their increasingly hapless and receptive secularized host. Therefore, all such rude, invading, colonizing, minority communities are, thus, set for being naturally, necessarily, and functionally parasites upon their ever seemingly so willing and very open, secularist, vulnerable, degenerate, host community.  It cannot be thought otherwise, rationally speaking.

These colonists, in short, are coming here to substantially take, not to give.  Thus, for instance, Mexicans working in America actually do provide the second largest amount of foreign aid to Mexico; only Leftist-ideologist apologists or mainly ignorant fools are, however, unable to clearly see this open economic reality now involved.

Because no sustained, protective, and defensive efforts are being either substantially or substantively made at urgently genuine and needed assimilation and acculturation, they are just greedily coming here to suck the nation dry, in the traditional manner of exploitative colonists or, better yet, rapacious invaders. As could be rationally guessed, there is no migrant desire or concern for ever contributing to the American patria.

But, for a while, the parasitic nature of these uncouth invaders had been originally disguised, meaning while the would-be colonists were yet mainly here present only in relatively small numbers, they had then treated their host with a wary circumspection and formalized respect.  Surely, this is a part of the cunning nature of illegal aliens just setting about to find their way for investing themselves better in different Western countries.

The mostly concealed but real contempt felt for their host’s despised culture will be a great pretense carried on along with their long-term intention to more successfully exploit their host’s wealth, while shunning any (prohibitive) demands the host may attempt to devolve upon them.

Not being that stupid, these colonists will naturally pledge, on the mere surface of events, to generally obey those laws of the native community that carry either the real menace of penalty or those that do offer reasonable profit; however, this will be only coyly done because of relative degrees of added convenience and simply not for deference to the social, cultural, political, or other notions sustaining those native laws or requirements.

Nonetheless, all other edicts of the host society will be tacitly regarded with a conniving contempt, except in those increasingly rare instances where, on average, they may seem, on the surface, to fairly just be compatible enough with their own culture’s ways and mores.

Over time, it is inevitable, however, that the irreconcilable and incommensurate nature of these very dedicated trespassers, if never made subject to the aforementioned Christianization, will be ultimately revealed within their, in effect, colonial compounds or neighborhoods. A real problem exists because the jaded bulk of the political elites do not wish to exercise the requisite imperial rulership, as with the discipline of Hadrian’s Wall, in simply wanting only to absurdly act as if a limited republic exists within the borders of America; this necessarily results in a terribly conflicted polity, a disjointed regime.  Thus, the territorial or geophysical boundaries of the imperium, unsurprisingly, are just not secured.

As the exploiters will increase, no doubt, in absolute numbers into the many millions, so will their self-assurance and their own barbarian culture must then naturally begin to publicly and aggressively assert itself. Sharia law is one prominent example as it increasingly takes hold in America and Europe.  The colonist’s broad contempt and true scorn for the decadent secularist culture of their degenerate host community will become exceedingly manifest and necessarily produce antipathy between the naturally more and more opposed cultures.

And yet, although this aspect of things may rankle and flash into the open occasionally, the self-deluded, cynical native community would only seek to confirm the putrefying nature of its own secularist culture by being, thus, integrally powerless to take active measures against the crescively successful invaders. And, this situation is, in fact, being seen today, more and more.  How is this here to be correctly noted?

The Diagnosis of Self-Inflicted Failure as Self-Inflicted Contempt

Like a political version of unified field theory, the Psychotherapeutic State is the Administrative State, Bureaucratic State, Regulatory State, is, in short, the modern State, Thomas Hobbes’ “Mortal God,” with its ever uniformitarian lusts.  But, most of the general psychological and sociological trouble engaging society and culture began during the Renaissance, called Rinnovazione in Italy.

In opposition to the mood of the Middle Ages and its cognate notions of needed holiness, chivalry, courtliness, and attempted courteous behavior toward women, femininity (as to its virtues) was steadily downplayed significantly, reduced in importance, and masculinity, thus, became quite more and more exaggerated and set far beyond proper degrees and measures of consideration and reflection.

There is a good insightful reason, for instance, why Michelangelo’s portraits of women tend to portray them with what would be often considered masculine features; he had, thus, perfectly reflected this too virile Renaissance attitude of an exultant, exuberant, assertive, and so forceful masculinity.   The vast basic majority of artists, writers, politicians, and others were trying, they felt, to appropriately imitate the assumed manly characteristics of the ancient Attic Greeks and the republican and early Empire Romans.

This tended, to no surprise, more naturally to highly favor and foster the more secularist, rather than the Christian religious side, of that era’s longings and aspirations of a reawakening, a rebirth, from the often supposed medieval (read: Roman Catholic) slumber.  The former was a time when the adoration and veneration, not worship, of the Blessed Virgin Mother helped to raise the often degraded status of women, as it is still true in Muslim countries, significantly above what it was during the ancient eras, subject to the deliberate Renaissance adulation of the Greeks and Romans.

Then, just a few centuries later, Protestantism, the Protestant Revolution, came along, adding to this excessive concentration upon celebrated maleness, to cast its vile aspersions upon the Catholic cult of the Blessed Virgin Mary to still further circumscribe any stress upon the feminine in societal and cultural matters. They had and still do wrongly condemn what they see as the supposed worship of Mary, as a part of their continuing and innumerable slanders against Catholicism.

Finally, the Victorian Era, a clearly Protestant-oriented offshoot as to sociocultural attitudes, which then tended largely to regard women as mainly stereotypically helpless, hapless, brainless dependents, took this modern era worship of exaggerated masculinity to many new heights of vapid absurdity and just plain ludicrousness. Eventually, calling someone a “Victorian” became a widespread term of often well-deserved reproach, aversion, scorn, and plain contempt.

So, in reiteration for amplification, the weirdly combined modernist efforts among those leaders of the Renaissance who were secularly inclined, the fanatical, revolutionary, Protestant so-called Reformers; and, the stuffy advocates and practitioners of blatant Victorianism had, deliberately, warped the image of women to a terrible and unfair degree, as based upon their ideological preferences and fantasies.

Proper gentlemen, schooled by such odd incongruous nonsense, were never supposed to dare utter the vulgar word “legs” in public as to women, only limbs existed (or were thought to) on the human females of the species. And, all this nonsense was (supposed) to be taken very seriously and without question, because many men expected women, meaning oh-so-refined ladies of quality, to automatically faint if the word limbs was not used in their rather delicate presence.

The historical pendulum of such thinking had been, thus, extremely pushed much too far in one hyper-masculine direction, such that Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) could even speak of his support for the Übermensch (Overman or, to say, the Superman or Superhuman) who rightfully ought to take and hold power above all merely common men.  How much more mythical and magical in one’s thinking, within the heavily nominalist realm of modernity, can one get?

Maleness worship could not go much farther than that, one supposes — until the fanatical Nazis wanted to usher into being their das Herrenvolk (the Master Race) of supremely dominating Aryan, Nordic men, the Germanic or Teutonic, blue-eyed, blond-haired beasts of wild, mythical Wagnerian temperaments, no doubt.  A Spartan-style homosexuality was, of course, encouraged among the SS to help solidify male bonding.  For easy confirmation, one can instructively read: The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party by Scott Lively and Thomas Szasz.  Yet, this noted overreaction could not, in fact, last forever.

The mid-19th and into the 20th century saw that pendulum swing back increasingly far to see, in the late 20th to early 21st century, a Western worshipping of femininity to the point of the now clearly substantial feminization of politics, theology, society, and culture. But, two wrongs, however intentioned, do not make a right, even if called, e. g., libertarianism.

One might add, nonetheless, that both extremes need to be always rationally and morally condemned and resisted as wrong and that supporting the best ideals of chivalry would be a certainly much better and healthier normative attitude, as to sociocultural conduct and mores.  Feminism and Victorianism, therefore, have both failed.

Be that as it may, the contemporary age has freely rejected both orthodox Roman Catholicism and, of course, also chivalry, a sure product of Catholicism. Contrary to a much heavily secularized and, thus, necessarily decadent West, Islam’s fanatical members, as easily seen in ISIS and other such efforts, have freely chosen massive cruelty and brutality instead.  Women and girls, even as these words are written, are enslaved, degraded, beaten, tortured, murdered, and a part of their bodies, when so needed in the ever despicable and bloodthirsty name of Islam, savagely mutilated.  Meanwhile, their devil-god Allah is praised for all this horror.

And, the horrid silence, bizarre hush, coming from the both decadent and discredited Feminists has been extremely deafening, except for a relatively few and far between number of isolated dissenters.   What has and is, therefore, really occurring as Christianity, inclusive of the Social Kingship of Christ, has mostly now vacated the Western world?   What has been the punishment for such sin and nihilism?

In the late 20th and set far into the 21st century, almost all those countries considered part of Western Civilization have, in fact, become willfully enthralled to an almost entirely unarmed invasion by other races and cultures adverse to, basically antithetical to, Western society and culture.

The relative degrees of affluence and shelter, wealth and safety, still currently enjoyed by Germany, France, England, the USA, etc. have certainly made them highly wanted locations to live for the economically deprived and terrified people of other countries or regions, such as Central America, India, Pakistan, Mexico, China, etc.   All of this is, thus, not just a Moslem immigration problem, as is sometimes falsely so depicted.

Although this limitless demand for continued refuge has been the case for many past decades at the least, the previous major obstacles that beforehand had basically prohibited or proscribed the peoples of poorer countries from more easily migrating to the wealthier countries have been, on the whole, substantially eliminated. The earlier and largely fixed opposition, maintained by most of the citizens of the much wealthier and increasingly secularist countries, has been destabilized, plainly subverted, by the clearly marked corrosion noted in the growingly dissipated, hedonistic, character of their so jaded but largely puzzled or, perhaps, perplexed citizens.

Consequently, the ongoing grand invasion, the evident colonization, is really no longer being successfully resisted in any meaningful ways; this is as more and more dissolute, corrupt politicians and other such degenerate people in leadership positions say they feel simply powerless to really do anything, while a protesting minority of the native Western populations grow angry and frustrated at, in effect, losing their own countries without much of a real or, dare one say, manly struggle. No fight seems to remain.

Or, as T. S. Eliot had so well put it long ago, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but only a whimper. The predominant majority of the Western leadership class, in general, is advising its peoples to, in effect, cut their own throats – surprise! surprise! –  to then better serve the Moslems. This is why, in decadent America, Obama’s “refugee” resettlement program has been suggestively called a “civilized” jihad artfully combined with, thus, resultant civilizational suicide set directly, intentionally, at the end of it.

Compared to the enormous magnitude of the crescive threat, moreover, the effeminate political elite, regardless of whatever party affiliation, has nastily shown not merely just a truly pathetic, lackadaisical response but, rather, a fundamentally quite infantile effort unworthy of supposedly mature adults. In the centuries now past, however, when the peoples of Western Civilization were better well-behaved, had some character and moral discipline, and honored to be Christians, they would have surely been significantly equipped more to rightly and morally resist what has happened.

But, under the sway and influence of selfishness, a (departed) sense of immemorial duty has been rejected, along with any pious reverence for religion and even their very humanity, thereby annulling what ought to have been righteous resistance to invasion. Christianity, therefore, had once given the truly tremendous cultural and societal self-assurance, moral composure, to unquestioningly project their kind around the entire globe, which is all now forgotten as was their devotion to Christ.

The only relative “anxieties” now generally demonstrated by most native citizens is, seemingly, for the observed welfare of their much aggrieved intruders and the PC persecution of those miscreant folks who may claim that the colonist-invaders are actually enemies, not potential good citizens ready to join the secularized, supposed Western Utopia so crumbling, further and further, around them. Obvious kinds of contradictions and absurdities, however, are here just too numerous to mention.

Again, in the past centuries, the peoples of Western Civilization were historically once filled with vigor, foresight, confidence, ambition, and had the integral ability for initiating action, so they had widely dominated the various regions in the world occupied by lesser or inferior (aka non-Christian) cultures.

These many subject areas often then became, of course, colonized; the people found in those places realized, over time and due to the brute force of circumstances, that they had, more or less, to adopt the language and culture of the higher Western Civilization; a civilization that, of course, once was the product of Christianity, what had been, in Europe, called the Orbis Christianus, Christendom, the truly Christian adventure, challenge, and opportunity for spreading faith, hope, and charity.

As a direct cultural consequence, the superior cognitive understanding and superior range of vision of advanced Western Civilization was encouraged throughout the world, along with its relative peace and substantial wealth, both of which had once proved quite formidable and justifiable. This was because the prior larger effort was the related spread of Christianity on a global basis, while today there is only the justification of spreading commerce and marketing, as a preachy kind of secularist modernity, as, in effect, the new gospel.

However, with time’s inexorable passage, as Western Civilization’s peoples became increasingly self-centered and self-indulgent (aka morally corrupt), they gave up their previous ability and confident determination, so the mastery once confidently exercised by the Western communities logically had declined. This historically noted decline was, of course, suitably in parallel to a decreasing faith in God, in Christian beliefs, and support for the status politicus (common good) as rightly understood through moral coherence.  Equally, it is known that rising affluence always stimulates not just wealth but its ever so cognate decadence as well.

This situation permitted then the foreign peoples to recover their independence and re-assert their own (non-Christian, anti-Christian) culture, which, in the majority of instances, sooner or later had inevitably obtained the poverty and tyranny that almost always had existed before the fairly powerful Western domination ensued.

As Western Civilization, which had been (or, at the least, claimed to be) Christian to whatever degree, had relinquished, e. g., its rule over its colonies, the former prevalence of there being mainly general wealth and social peace then gave way, on the whole, to negative advancements of poverty and anarchy, overall misery and chaos. It could not be otherwise.  Activity alone, without real faith, becomes powerless eventually.

The most excellent or outstanding example of the incredible social collapse, e. g., of South Africa has largely been, in various manners, repeated all over that sad continent, many fold. For many of the diverse peoples of these former colonies, what had generally been a fairly decent standard of living normally enjoyed in relative social peace has been substituted by a perilous paucity of necessities and a surplus of trepidations.

It is freely granted that certain exceptions to the above rule cited will always usually exist, of course; but, nonetheless, the basic norm is still fairly agreeable with the abundant facts, which can be openly researched by objective observers as such. Most postcolonial nations, on average, present precarious existences for vast numbers of people.  The growingly decadent West, accordingly, is their only last realistic refuge, such as it is.

Consequently, for the impoverished, suffering majority of the desperate masses involved, the only rational and possible escape from this grinding, endless chaos and economic misery is to seek to go where wealth and social peace still fundamentally do exist, normally meaning the home countries of their former rulers. This is not, however, just a Western European matter to be considered.

Having had the Philippines and other land areas as protectorates and territories, many of the latter still existing as such, the United States must then, in all fairness to truth, be logically accounted for as itself being a former, emasculated colonial power.  Thus, the American imperium that obviously exists.

The (anti-Western) cultural wave of generative influence has then substantially reversed, especially from the late 19th into the 21st century; however, instead of the civilizational blessings of basic social peace and extensive wealth, it is now abundant poverty, diseases of paucity, and just plain anarchy that is being now so successfully spread.  A solemn truth, therefore, needs here to be rather quite severely and consciously recognized as being supremely factual in nature: Invasion is colonization.  Only Leftist or deliberate ideological blindness held so willfully and, moreover, spitefully perceives otherwise.

The long-range outcome of this mass migration is fundamentally predictable; the invaders would wish to take possession of their new homeland by the predation factor of the sheer weight of ever amassed numbers.  One will see how the original demeanors, customs and opinions or beliefs of the occupied country are gradually changed by those other views necessarily also imported by the colonist-invaders.  Perception of this can be readily noticed in America where, admitted to or not, the actual (aka de facto) border with Mexico is really moving, almost imperceptibly, further north every year in the Southwest.

In America, the progressively reduced Anglo-White Ethnic culture of the once dominant majority of native people is being sort of evacuated by their mostly Latino invaders; the general social peace and material wealth generated by the previous (aka White) culture are being, thus, necessarily traded, increasingly, by the normally rampant poverty and attendant crime transported here by the colonist-invaders; an occupation that is made rather more observable by the steady substitution of the norm of English language usage with Spanish. America is now, de facto, a bilingual nation.

Miami, Florida, to all basic intents and purposes, is actually now a Spanish-speaking urban complex, even though it is yet technically within the presumed borders of America, meaning, of course, a still supposedly English-speaking country.

Social elements among the American people, usually called the conservatives and their supporters, have just unsuccessfully so far tried to put some end to this invasion, but their often attacked and ridiculed efforts are basically tepid and incompetent or, at the least, generally unimpressive. The most informal way into America is usually done, of course, by simply rambling in from old Mexico, where a haphazardly “patrolled” fence has been supposedly erected (in some areas), as just an assumed sort of (ineffective) barrier (much like Hadrian’s Wall).

Those Mexicans, not the vast majority who try to do so, who are yet occasionally noticed crossing the (useless) “barrier” are then merely sent back to Mexico to, of course, try again. Those who do come in undetected are still made subject to some possible discovery, but, on the whole, this is mostly a rather doubtful fate rarely having serious consequences.

And, in any event, the so mild “penalty,” if it may be euphemistically called that at all, is just a return to that southern border country, so they can pleasingly go and try again for the hoped-for access.  It is a comedy, not a serious attempt at protecting American sovereignty.  Thus, no real borders, no real nation then exists.

Many do eventually find out that they, after the formally enforced return, can, in fact, often find that the return can be so willfully circumvented by a skillful, rather artful, manipulation of the law. When finally successful, they simply fade into the population joining other Hispanics, whether illegals or not.

However, truly unchecked immigration, without any real substantial efforts at actual assimilation and wanted acculturation, is just eventual annihilation of the (once) native population of a country.  Only a degenerate person or, same difference, a Liberal or Leftist would supinely deny such an obvious truth.

Mexico, whether the American people believe it or not, is effectively colonizing America and, in that process, gradually imposing its own Spanish language and Hispanic culture throughout the Southwest.

While it is somewhat said that most Americans still may have the basic cognizance involved of being able to understand and recognize that the Hispanic invasion ought really to be ended, they are significantly powerless, nonetheless, to take the truly realistic and forceful measures mandatory enough for self-defense, for survival, against these invaders to, thus, so effectuate boldly this rather desired end.  But, informed patriots are scorned as xenophobic monsters with evil intentions, of course.

If a state of war with Mexico were to be properly recognized as it actually ought to be, then, at a bare minimum, something must logically be done, thus, to appropriately and naturally stop this obvious Latino invasion by executing, at the border, those adults who are the invaders. No nation can exist for long unless it guards seriously its sovereign borders, especially against aggressors, interlopers, in self-defense of its very existence as a country, its proclaimed national sovereignty.

But, knowing reality quite intimately, this is pure fantasy, as would be, e. g., an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the abusive Mexican leadership and their terribly corrupt, Free Masonic, oligarchic regime, which deliberately keeps many millions in poverty and ignorance.

It is known that the American people would only axiomatically reject such a brutal resort to advocated violence, even when legitimately, rightly, taken as a recourse in national self-defense just for American survival.

On the contrary, the liberal-leftist ideological delusion is so embraced by which enough of a majority supinely imagine that their fruitless attempt at a false or useless defense is not foolishness; they, instead, do disregard the inexorable but predictable appropriation of their degraded country and, moreover, normally tend or seek to then persecute anyone who tries to dismiss their precious altruistic and humanitarian delusions.  Such is fully consistent with human vanity, pride, and hubris galore, not humility.

America has absurdly ceded, over time, its own capability to survive, to protect itself effectively, and must, ultimately, be infested by these America-hating colonists from other cultures, other nations. The proverbial handwriting has, therefore, long been on the wall of a primarily defeatist-oriented reality; those born in this country, especially the White people, are to become (eventually all hated) strangers residing in a strange land and, sooner or later, denied any birthrights by these invading foreigners finally intent upon overall plunder and rapine, against all sense of the true status politicus.

In such rather extreme circumstances, domestic political order can, therefore, hardly be maintained effectively and efficiently in perpetuity where the people inherently lack humility before God, where crude materialism is, in fact, their true god.

America’s cited failure to properly defend itself is, however, an illustrative example being repeated by every Western country, more or less.  Manifesting the same basic lack of a truly militant determination required to repel their colonist-invaders, these other host countries now find themselves no longer a single Western community but, increasingly, a group of different and more heterogeneous communities of capricious mere assemblages of races and cultures trying to adjust to a spoils system of crude reality.

Even seemingly isolated Australia, protected ever physically by vast areas of ocean, is allowing itself to become subject to migrant occupation, with parts of Australian cities that do now fairly resemble their aggressors’ former homes. Manifesting quite insane behavior, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had just recently this year, e.g., enjoyed an official state dinner with a leading imam who wants to kill, among others, all sodomites and adulterers.

Can a once European-settled Australia long survive with such clearly adverse attitudes?   Can PM Turnbull be credited justly with politically sane behavior?

The grave catastrophe, no other words will do, deliberately brought on by the Western countries, by not willing to defend themselves, discloses a rather powerful fact; this is that the Christian-inspired ideals and supreme values, once created by Western Civilization through the good influence of the Church, have already dissipated, collapsed, into now merely some speculative irrelevance. Because one sees people lacking a concern for attaining eternal salvation, this is a clear manifestation of unserious, non-adult thinking, cognitive infantility, which just so blithely ignores the four Last Things: Life, Death, Heaven, or Hell.

The three dreadful ciphers of looming communal, sociocultural, death, the apparent disappearance of civilizational genius, and the feminized forfeiture of the martial spirit, are there to be readily seen and appraised by all. This is, moreover, along with the most willful, indulgent, self-inflicted failure and self-inflicted contempt found among way too many Westerners, among far too many Americans.

A splendid exception to the overall gloom and doom was manifested, shockingly, on June 23, 2016 when the British Lion had roared; the tremendously substantial and historic pro-Brexit vote, an unequivocal statement, stunningly sent extensive shock waves far and wide, and throughout all of Europe and, in effect, the world at large; the people of Great Britain, an assertive old John Bull, surprisingly decided to be great, not remain just a bunch of simply complacent, obedient, and mindless European Union sheep.

The banal, oppressive ruling-class elite, the self-righteous power holders, the narcissistic power-mad technocrats, were soundly rebuked, along with EU citizenship, a dream of the megalomaniac globalists, the utopians, who veer only toward nihilism at the rotten end of all their petulant schemes of so ersatz grandeur. Artificial political “realities” are built out of mere cardboard, not organic substances surely.

What was, therefore, the catastrophic shock to the collective elitist ego? The once largely dismissed age of nationalism, populism, self-determination, and democracy did not, therefore, simply roll over and drop dead, as was mainly expected; “history” must now then be revised, at a bare minimum, for the people of Great Britain who chose national life directly against their once globalist-prescribed death, which offended greatly their angry controllers, the international-cosmopolitan bureaucrats, in Brussels.

Despised nationalism, as a supposedly extinct volcano, a contemptible “relic” of the European past, then came right roaring back to life with an unexpected force and tremendous intensity that, one sees, simply devastated the willingly cosmopolitanized cognoscenti. They, the British people, had so rudely angered their internationalist presumed masters who will resort, eventually, to the exercise of imperial discretion to preempt any senseless acts of power, by any uninformed people, in a senseless resistance to utopian globalism.

What was the assumed grave “horror” of it all? The vile, grubby, unkempt, semi-literate masses had democratically revolted; they did not just keep their place, yield due deference, and blindly obey their (reputed?) superiors by all voting lockstep against the peaceful and valiant secession, against the Brexit.

And, now, for those who may be ignorant, a word will be rendered here about the important differences between abstractionist cosmopolitan internationalism and organic aristocratic internationalism; the former mode of thinking is condemned unequivocally, but the latter is, however, praised extensively by the traditionalist right. Let it be said, however, that stupidity is not the same as simple ignorance.  A truly stupid person is just incapable of ever knowing; a merely ignorant man just lacks the information or knowledge needed for knowing.

For further clarification as definition: Cosmopolitanism, being of the rationalist persuasion, fully despises the existence of any traditionalist, European, national cultures; however, all aristocratic internationalism gladly celebrates them as creative organic parts of human culture with a manifest adherence to needed, traditional moral coherence.

Since they have minds obsessed with either modern or postmodern myth and/or magic, the noticed phenomenon of elite tribalism, because of modern technologies that ease greatly transportation and communication, increasingly exists; but, these dissociative-unconscious tribalists have an integrally substantial lack of critical self-awareness as to their, thus, both flawed characters and quite shallow personalities. How so?

What needs to be recognized clearly as the imperialization of contemporary civilization has the definite consequence of promoting elite tribalism among the globalist ruling class; this is mainly because they are indifferent to their own quite vile and easily observed hypocrisy; they are capitalist neo-Edwardians pretending hard to be sophisticated neosocialists by enjoying, e. g., Afghan restaurants in their so grand megalopolises, while never dreaming of ever having to actually live in or near an ugly immigrant Moslem community, of course. They demand the “best” of both worlds – but without suffering any unpleasant consequences.

Such rather harsh and dubious realities are just for the lesser beings (the masses), inferior species as it were, who will never be suitable members of the elite jet set, also, known as “the beautiful people.” The raw common people, the great unwashed, are to just unwillingly endure suffering the materialistic and oppressive results of Godless globalism, while the self-satisfied elites, thus, gain and enjoy the many benefits, of course.

With the shocking Brexit, however, the proverbial peasants with pitchforks had so dauntingly dared to dismay the rather haughty, leather-booted, puffed-up poltroons, meaning that the ever nasty, one-world government sycophants had then lost an important vote and, also, emboldened resistance to oppression as well.

If “they” can cast ballots to toss away the vile shackles of the foreign domination of Brussels, many may ask, what superbly might be done domestically to fight against tyranny?  For liberty, it is the lightening of the nations.

It, thus, was a truly seismic global event with many attendant international political implications and cognate ramifications, observed to the quite overt horror of the sophisticated intelligentsia, the superior cognoscenti, who always think that they axiomatically know better than the mere (suffering) common people at large; in truth, the principally incoherent struggle was set between the intellectually bankrupt elite and the supposedly great unwashed, with, therefore, each opposed side (unnoticed) talking past the other. Since their rulers wish to forget it, the Brexit will be just brushed aside as inconsequential and made to fade from memory.

Many particular Englishmen, to the evident horror of the globalist elitists, wish to just remain stubbornly particular Englishmen; they greatly dislike heartless globalization, cosmopolitanization, and abstractionization existing in a polymorphous world fit only for lab rats, not sensate human beings. But, their rulers, the internationalist, oppressive elitists still react in quite brainless wonderment and an added astonishment, of course, at any such (supposedly) unforeseen rebellion as done by, to them, some mere lab rats.

EU bureaucratism and tyranny, centralization and uniformitarianism, once thought nearly invincible, got spat right in the face, yet a major nation had, in fact, seceded peacefully. Unfortunately, if this strong action is not vigorously, openly repeated, again and again, in more than just a few more major European nations, then the overall observations and considerations of this article will still, fundamentally, hold fast.

Nonetheless, one ought to say that, somewhat in magnitude, it was slightly equivalent to the quite dramatic “shot heard round the world,” in April 1775, at Concord, MA heralding the ever glorious American Revolution. But, Britain is not necessarily emblematic of the entirety of both Western and Eastern Europe as a whole.  Time will tell if the forces of freedom and independence can further prevail against the evil centralizing statists, the egomaniacal power-mad zealots, and their vicious supporters.

The predominantly preoccupied, selfish denizens of the West that now languidly comprise the jaded jest of “Western Civilization” may yet own the advanced technologies of this era, but they do internally lack the cognitive ability and, much more than just that, the required manly resolution to employ it for their very survival against the quite vigorous barbarian hordes, as was, incidentally, also true of the final fall of the Roman Empire. Without the will and courage to act, the mere material means are just nothing.

The truly larger lesson of history is rather manifest for those not too ideologically bigoted to plainly read the instructions clearly: Colonize or be colonized, which does not, however, always mean brutal, physical invasions. But, there do really exist degenerate people such as the current Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis himself, who has publicly denounced and renounced any Catholic missionary spirit through disdaining any concern for ever seeking conversions.

As is so illustratively true with nature, all societal, cultural, political, etc. vacuums, therefore, eventually get filled; the evident major collapse of Western leadership and superiority, matched now to a too timid Christianity, then logically invites invasion, as it always has and, as observed in this present article, will do so. Q. E. D.  

While Catholics are obligated, at the least, to pray for the Pope’s hoped-for salvation and can, also, offer up various penitential sacrifices on his sinful behalf, however, they are not required, even as loyal Papist Catholics, to ever follow him unto the Infernal Regions by condoning mortal sins.

Catholics have no real need of a repeat of the Western Schism, the Papal Schism (1378 to 1417), that damaged the integrity of the Church and from which it had never, in fact, fully recovered. It was a heart-felt sickness, gangrene at the very core of Sancta Mater Ecclesia, by which numerous poisons were vilely permitted to attack both the sacred authority and holy power of the Church founded by Christ Himself.

Nor should any Church council ever dare to seek to remove Pope Francis, for he is to be answerable to Almighty God, the Ultimate Judge, for all his numerously wicked and deliberate misdeeds. The Conciliar Theory, historically, belongs, of course, to the theological Liberals and Leftists, not to orthodox Roman Catholicism.

He is, with no doubt, the true Bishop of Rome, the actual Servant of the Servants of Christ, the Supreme Holy Pontiff, etc., not the Pied Piper of Hamlin Town.  There are, always, rational and moral limits to any papal obedience and deference, as St. Thomas Aquinas and other good Doctors of the Church have both properly and theologically insisted.  Moreover, the once hypocritical, “trinitarian” institutional era of “pray, pay and obey” is, fortunately, gone, though not really forgotten.  But, much more is now going on than just simple religious decay, moral insanity itself so urgently and openly beckons insistently.

Among the many important and fundamental lessons of history, taught again and again, is the still quite simple truth that different cultures are, in fact, fundamentally irreconcilable, basically incommensurate. Therefore, as a direct logical consequence of this empirical reality, one must come to notably dominate the others, which, however, means that the very impotent, jaded, feeble cultures of a very secularized Western Civilization are to be swamped by the predictable, invading barbarians.

As to the particulars involved, in these kinds of vast struggles, just how or in what manner a particular (barbarian) culture comes to dominate, or attempts to dominate, other cultures, naturally reflects the peculiar character of that dominating culture and its own social, often diverse, forces or tensions.  What are, however, the likely possible prospects?

Eventually, present realities will be mainly replaced by armed barbarians coming to the West who will impose a new Dark Age, if no massive efforts at aggressively promoting Christianization are taken as has been already recommended in this article.  Otherwise, the languidly pallid, modern, debauched, hollow, triumphant atheism of the humanist-dominated Western culture is to inevitably fail, of course, when fully opposed by, harshly faced with, the vibrant, dedicated, violent, feverish, fervent, bloodthirsty Islam so fiercely challenging it.  The morally and spiritually vacuous West presents a vacuum ready to be filled.

Many commentators have espied keenly that, for instance, the World Trade Center attack, known as 9/11, is a specific validation of Arnold Toynbee’s challenge thesis that the evident decline of Western Civilization indicates that it will be attacked by barbarian war-bands until, over time with many repeated assaults, it is finally destroyed. The corrupt and dissolute ever yield to the committed and determined.

Speculation has it that some, called euphemistically terrorists, may come to use compact dirty A-bomb explosions, within many major cities, consequently spreading extreme havoc, excessive disorder, and vilely contagious chaos; but, because the new, degenerate Western ethos inherently forbids any truly effective self-defense, even for just needed survival, the possible option of committing genocide against the enemy is just axiomatically dismissed as beyond “sophisticated” thought. Extinction is preferred.

Better a certain death or, at least, expected enslavement, at the hands of ruthless and savage enemies than rational survival at any such cost. The so cowardly denizens of the West, lacking greatly any old-fashioned masculinity, would not dare to ever consider any ultimate price to be properly paid for living in political freedom and humane safety.  Perish the thought, just as the West itself will, then, so perish.

Without the much needed Christianization efforts proposed to avert civilizational disaster, one perceives that it can only be a matter of time before the increasing and enervating demographic sterility, social venality, vacillating timidity, Feminist emasculation, and moral senility of the Western countries will, thus, see them gradually capitulate to the quite determined and armed, ruthless and vigorous, barbarian invaders, especially the Muslims.

The clear outcome of any one-sided contest of will, conflict of opposed cultures, can solely be the final extinction of an emasculated Western Civilization; this will, also, be done along with its tremendously amassed wealth and once mighty power. There can then just be the easily predictable return to a Dark Age for some terrible centuries to come, for the unimpeded practice and love of sin has its known dire consequences, as within secularist orientations that seek the reification of merely terrene endeavors.

This is the inescapable product of the basic nonexistence of a courageously rational and moral citizen-community that is, in addition, to see the requisite eventual collapse of true science and religion into being just sheer ignorance and practiced superstition; there will be, no doubt, both reprimitivization and rebarbarization of the neopaganized West, lives made ever more nasty, harsh, bitter, brutish, and short, as the wages of sin is death.

Only progressivists or materialists, with their great concern for more libertarian fornication as an inalienable right, do think otherwise to their moral peril.

For what is happening in the Western world parallels in intention that past act of European collective suicide known as the First World War; thus, civilization ought to be much more than industrialization, urbanization, and technologization, or, more plainly, just the prolific construction of concrete and steel buildings. If a proposed Christian civilization is not, however, something seen in the very evident quality of a truly civilized people, there is, then, only a quite cheap pretense involved that is lacking real moral substance, which is, in truth, indicative of failure.

Thus, neither the poor examples of Nazi Germany nor Stalinist Russia, Maoist China nor Fascist Italy, were genuine representatives of civilization, only some presumptive, erstwhile collectivities of power once rapaciously existing on earth. For the only true revolutionary liberation is liberation in Christ.

Thoughts toward a New Christendom: Foundations

While not neglecting all that has been discussed previously, both as to what is likely to occur and how to avoid it through a particular kind of Christianization, it yet appropriately behooves anyone, nonetheless, in recommending boldly a proper alternative to the present secularist-humanist cesspool, to still specify as clearly as possible what is actually being meant.

Catholicism, when filled with an Athanasian resolve, gains strength when tried because it decisively acknowledges the ontological primacy of the metaphysical order over and against any mere secular order; the genuine struggle is not merely against perceived, earthly tyranny and strife, rather, the always greater fight is to be made against real demonic forces, led by the Prince of Darkness, ever eagerly intent upon separating man from the ultimate power and authority of God, dividing human beings from salvation itself.

There will be noted here, therefore, the important epistemological and axiological difference between potestas (power) and auctoritas (authority) and the need for ethically and morally adhering to what can be called a “social consensus orthodoxy” paralleling religious orthodoxy, within many various societal and cultural structuralizations among people sociologically understood.  It is part of epistemic reasoning.

An interesting and informative book, such as Catholic Political Thought 1789 – 1848, edited by Béla Menczer, is to be used as the basis for a consideration, explication, and extrapolation of why power and authority are not synonymous.  It can be supplemented, as to its knowledge, by reading others works, as with the Essay on Catholicism, Liberalism, and Socialism: Considered in Their Fundamental Principles by Juan Donoso Cortés.

Although there are truly a number of early 19th century, conservative, European writers who could be profitably cited, however, supreme concentration will be upon an author who ought to be among the most significant thinkers of the entire modern era, not just of past centuries alone.  He saw with a degree of profundity nearly unmatched by any other modern political philosopher of the last several epochs, for there can be no legitimate political order without power and authority themselves being rightly ordered for a good polity, for a good society, aimed toward moral coherence and justice.

Joseph de Maistre (1753 – 1821), a Savoyard philosopher, however, gets easily dismissed as a mere reactionary blindly defending all unjust and immoral hierarchies, for the supposed joyous sake of oppressing all people under an authoritarian yoke, for better crushing the human spirit; and that is, of course, only one of the more milder, unfortunate denunciations of him usually given. For him, it has proven almost nearly impossible to get past all the Liberal and Leftist stereotypes thrown upon this author who saw more perceptively beyond the putrid, modernist illusions of revolutionism, socialism, and liberalism.

Maistre’s most sensitive, sagaciously perceptive, understanding of the vital differences between true authority and legitimate power is highly illustrative as to what needs to be said here.  Those whose minds are inflicted upon or, perhaps, infected by modernity, the worship of what is thought modern (or revolutionary), perceive everything or nearly anything in set terms of basic philosophical nominalism.

They read things in odd terms of an ascribed immanentism with its consequent tendency toward degrees of utopianism, the demonic desire to perfect people or, if permitted, the entire human race itself. This very warped attitude, this perverse understanding, reads history backwards and, yes, thinks backwards in that meanings get put upside down and inside out, when discussing what is assumed to be reality.  Why is this pertinently said?

The modernist normally presumes, for instance, that power produces authority, not the opposite.  How so?  If someone is said to possess, by reason, the correct theory, then that is to give that person the correct power; such power of itself generates, in the name of Progress, rational authority to then act upon the existence of said power in the logical exercise of authority to, e. g., pass laws, administer justice, use the warranted authority to arrest criminals, etc.  This is legal positivism put on display.

Rationalism achieves it very apotheosis. Abstractionism placed upon abstractionism gets deified, with no righteous piety observed or proper reverence for past history, as to traditions and customs.  The lived rich experience of the many actual generations of men, of the ages, is just discounted as merely dismissible errata, and religion gets itself rigidly compartmentalized into a mere segment of life, instead of properly defining all of its very being and reason.

No surprise that many yield to the Machiavellian point of view that might makes right, and those with power are either above the law (Hillary Clinton) or, as with Obama, can make law at will.  Yet, even as Aristotle would have agreed, this is all part of political insanity, not rational, ethical, and moral behavior, regardless of the power-obsessed “reasoning” always held to be true, as with Thrasymachus in Plato’s The Republic.

On the contrary, right, when consistent with classical Natural Law teachings, right reason, and social consensus orthodoxy, then makes might authentic and trustworthy, not simply an exercise in raw power for its own sake, as is always so true with all centralizing regimes. It is known that Western culture, moreover, eventually falls without the true rule of law.  How is this, however, to be obviously noted?

Rationalism justifies the crude modernity in thought that seeks the rationalization of power as assertive of the (revolutionary) authority to declare that whatever efforts the State, ordo juris, the lex naturae, wishes to advance are to be blessed by the necessary power to enforce its authority qua law; this is overtly seen, e. g., in the many various, oppressive and unjust dictates of the US Supreme Court and other courts, as well as in the seemingly innumerable dictatorial ukases cavalierly issued by Obama, as with his mere pen and telephone, thus, suffices as being “law.”  Constitutionalism be damned; civil liberties, therefore, become meaningless, and moral coherence itself, therefore, becomes scorned and ignored as “reactionary” and just unwanted.

But, when examined quite properly as to its vile basis in thought, this manifestly Machiavellian dictum is just some reductionist logic simply by which (how truly reactionary!) might makes right.  Nazis, Fascists, and Communists, all various totalitarians of the Left, would all so agree easily with such modernist, plainly nominalist, reasoning, of course; the same is, therefore, also true for Liberals and Leftists, all positivists of merely various species.

For as he knew the justice owed to metaphysical order, Maistre, a devout Roman Catholic, thought and wrote otherwise. This wise man was certainly well aware of the many disgusting horrors of the French Revolution, which had demonically included, as many still do not know, necrophilia.  He knew that only legitimate, warranted authority, organically based within the society and culture, can have the true natural right to properly claim the then inherent power to, also, be then legitimate and to sanction needed action.  Thus, the conservative reasoning and logic presented is not upside down or inside out as to what may be done and why it may be done, according to justice that proper juris prudence should serve, not just any arbitrary power.

Contrary to the vain modernists, or even to nominalist-oriented postmodernists, power and authority are definitely not synonymous nor any mere supposed epistemological substitutes for each other. And, moreover, only proper and appropriate auctoritas has, in truth, the legitimated right to, thus, ever generate or lay claim to any power, not ever in reverse; in reiteration, might does not make right since power without warranted authority is, thus, always illegitimate and, moreover, should be held as such.

This can help to both splendidly and instructively introduce what Maistre, knowledgeably, had actually meant when he said that the world, human society, needed both the Pope (the principle of authority on earth to the highest degree) and the executioner (the principle of power in its highest worldly form, as to capital punishment) for then rightly maintaining order (read: authority) and justice (read: power) for human beings in a natural, not absurdly abstractionized, manner. And, this appropriately upholds both law and order for society.

All the faulty cognitive reversals of this very needed understanding of proper authority and power, of this just or right ordering of humanity, necessarily lead to the horrid bloodshed of all the modernist-socialist revolutions of the modern age.  Therefore, only horrid and evil degrees of oppression, corruption, suppression, injustice, and tyranny can, logically, result whenever power and authority get liberally confused and confounded terribly, in the badly corrupted minds of modernists or postmodernists.

Characteristically, therefore, Maistre was not the assumed mindless defender of all ruthless despotisms, as is so often routinely charged. He truly knew that there must be a proper balancing of authority and liberty, of order and freedom, if a free society was to appropriately survive.  Being a good Catholic, this thoughtful Savoyard philosopher knew about the Gelasian Two Swords, one is the religious power, the other is the political or civil power, which have different functions as separate entities, though the religious power is to remain superior to the (lesser) claims of the mere civil power on earth.

This fundamentally meant that no human institution, including government, the lex naturae, the ordo rerum humanarum, could claim any actual sort of rights really superior to the noted prerogatives of the Supreme Being, Jesus Christ, the Almighty God, as is properly represented by the Church.  This thinking refers to the Letter of 5th century AD Pope Gelasius to Emperor Anastasius on the superiority of the spiritual over the temporal power, for the metaphysical order (read: God) ought never to be dictated to by any secular powers, including, of course, the State.

Thus, the truly monumental conflicts between England’s King Henry II and St. Thomas Becket and King Henry VIII and St. Thomas More. Monarchy (government) wanted to be greater than God, which can only lead to the Godless idolatry of the State as basically exists now in the Western world.

But, for Catholicism, unlike Erastianism, there is to be neither a State-Church, meaning Anglicanism or Caeseropapism nor a monomaniacal theocracy, as with the always true hellish goal of Islam.  Again, there is the requisite balancing of authority and liberty, auctoritas et libertas, with the latter never being completely absorbed or just crushed by the former principle.  The State, the unitas ordinis, as Maistre knew, was never meant to be almighty, such is the sole prerogative, by definition, of the Lord God Almighty, of course.

Thus, when all the above thinking is put into its correct context and astute comprehension needed, one sees that Maistre can be perceived truly as having been one of the great defenders of liberty not just in the 19th century but always.  Nonetheless, there is no doubt, rationally speaking, that he will be still misinterpreted and misunderstood regardless of this or, in fact, any other writing done in his defense; however, at least an attempt was made at the needed elucidation and exploration of such thinking for the further education of those reading this article.

Rationalism is always held to be not actually enough concerning how to perceive this crisis of Western civilization and to communicate profoundly, through moral coherence, as to what needs to be properly done.

The important point being here that Maistre and others of the early 19th century conservatives, as is illustrated in Béla Menczer’s aforementioned work, offer greater and lasting insights into the cultural, political, psychological, and sociological problems of the 20th and into the 21st century much better than the sophisticated utopian savants, meaning the Godless technocrats, of the present much endarkened and pro-sodomite age.  It knows not the needed balancing of authority and power, the ends and means, along with the proper harmonizing of liberty and order, toward the appropriately desired end of justice, within the polity so understood in a humane manner.

This is critically why the development and support of social consensus orthodoxy, held always firmly within the distinctio christiana, is so sagaciously recommended, by which there is keenly established a basic acknowledgement of fundamental right versus absolute wrong, for both rightly favoring a healthy libertas ecclesiae and free government as well. For even as the pagan philosopher, Plato, knew in opposition to Protagoras, God, not man, is the true measure of all things.

To pick one important illustration where social consensus orthodoxy is so vitally and unquestionably needed for maintaining a truly humane and civilized society, there must, with good reason, be ethical, moral, and legal condemnation of any and all so-called scientific (read: Satanic) experiments fostering, encouraging, and/or promoting the hybridization of animals and humans.

It is, of course, so evilly consonant with Satanism as to its clearly demonic orientation, as is, also, the plague of militant homosexuality whereby a truly tiny minority has dramatically gained fantastic power over Western civilization itself, so rapidly beyond any merely normal explanations of success. Thus, all such evil, promoted by the forces of Hell, must be openly and severely opposed by all decent people everywhere, not just by Christians.

If these 21st century categorical imperatives, involved with completely stopping all such abominations that do cry unto high Heaven and low Hell, are not soon adopted unequivocally throughout the civilized world, then there can be no real limit to evil on earth.  Sinning, undoubtedly, will then easily multiply by much more than just a thousand fold day by day, along with the denial of the reality of metaphysical order itself.

Man’s precious humanity, homo sacra res homini, must, therefore, be then gravely put into permanent question, besides the endlessly horrendous and nihilistic consequences of such massively insane and degenerate folly.  Furthermore, those who may ever attempt such disgusting and morally vile experiments must be always tracked down and punished severely as axiomatically being international criminals, foul villains, subject ever to immediate arrest.  When then tried and convicted, imprisonment for life without parole should be thought fully merited as, thus, suggesting how society knows that the sentence fits the quite terrible crime.

No one should ever give them, these vile pariahs, aid, assistance, or shelter. There must be a definite bottom line consensus as to what genuine society and civilization and its broad reality as such cannot ever rationally or morally, reasonably or ethically, tolerate to any degree whatsoever.

Otherwise, any fair notion of rationality or morality, much less sanity, becomes totally meaningless, as applied to societal and cultural minimums regarding tolerable behavior, if any such degrees or sorts of hybridization is allowed. Partial experimentation must also be totally disallowed, not permitted at all, because all such activities are ever on the slippery slope, the domino effect, where one thing can be so easily rationalized into supporting or, at least, suggesting something else that may or could be done.

There is already a very lively market for fetal-human baby parts. Who is so incredibly naïve beyond belief as to absurdly say that hybrid parts or whole hybrid-animals would not have their own markets? Without the existence of social consensus orthodoxy within a foundational Christian society, nothing much can be reasonably or rationally guaranteed about man’s humanity nor the perception of there being a surely humane society and culture existent thereto either.  If no bottom lines are set firmly, the term “demonic” ought to then, without question, become a truly valid synonym for 21st century science.

No alternative exists except to both acknowledge the proper spheres and meanings of authority and power and, in addition, having and supporting that social consensus orthodoxy so necessary for any superiorly advanced civilization worthy of that favorable appellation, for there is here a manly regard for truth. Many such major issues do, as may be rightly perceived, confront contemporary efforts at the presumptive need to maintain a proper regard for a civilization, for any people, not really wishing to be crudely controlled by its technology as being definitive of its ethics, or lack thereof.

But, greater than any mere ethics would be a sociocultural reality acknowledging the Trinitarian Dogma, the Apostles Creed, and the Social Kingship of Christ, not the very obnoxious and heathen beliefs of today’s degenerate neopagans or those of the bloodthirsty Moslem infidels. Always far better, e. g., than any dumb contemporary papal cult would be the holy cult of the ever Blessed Virgin Mary having genuine status within this novel, vital, and heroic Christendom, for it should be a great hope, a true aspiration, of all those who honestly call themselves Christians, if it be consonant with the will of God. 3


Thus, seeking to optimistically construct a new, solid Christendom, a Christian commonwealth, in the West, in America, is the only rational, appropriate, moral, and righteous thing that ought to be done for the sakes of justice, religion, morality, and decent survival; this is before it, then, becomes much too little, too late to effectively act. As is known by advocacy of the philosophia perennis, there must be a generous infusion of humilitas, pietas, fidelitas et humanitas to help better achieve a here desired and attempted worldwide Pax Christi.

Nothing less would be successful, nothing more could be realistically expected, given how extremely low into the depths modern civilization has already notably fallen to the degradation of the once venerable idea of homo sacra res homini.  In the manner of St. Athanasius, affirmation of the metaphysical order, as Dawson so knew, is ever vitally essential to truly restoring any proper and viable sense of a humane order for civilization itself, nothing less will do for proper moral coherence and righteousness.

Is this recommended spiritual regeneration and renewal effort practically possible? There is, in fact, the major historical precedent of the Middle Ages as an actual example of what had and, thus, could yet be done.  Equally, who among contemporary, pagan disinterested or objective observers could have then predicted that, e. g., an obscure group of poor Galilean fishermen would have been among those initially composing, over 2,000 years later, the Roman Catholic Church?   With God, all things that are possible that can, by definition, be done by His will.

A heroic, new Christendom, certainly, a great corpus politicum mysticum, is thought to be fairly possible and a genuinely plausible response to a quite massively obvious social and cultural decay and decline, as was true of the Roman Empire’s fall; but, many may still reasonably ask, is it viably achievable?  Only God knows what will, in fact, be actually or, perhaps, viably achievable; for with the true Faith, much has suitably been done and can, moreover, be both further spectacularly accomplished and achieved, again, on earth.  In any event, a truly Christian life must be a sacramentally lived life.

More detailed or concrete advice can be usefully gained by reading such readily pertinent volumes as Diane Moczar’s Converts and Kingdoms: How the Church Converted the Pagan West and How We Can Do It Again and John Senior’s The Restoration of Christian Culture.   When the exceedingly proper, meaning metaphysical, goal for human beings is their sought after eternal salvation, then a true society, culture, and, yes, civilization, the entire participatory koinos kosmos itself, can be then rightly advanced, even against what appear to be tremendous odds.

In the name of the Lord God, for His ever greater honor and glory, it is certainly worth the significantly serious attempt to do so, at a minimum.

 Athanasius contra mundum!



Proof positive of the dramatically heavy influence of both mythical and magical thinking can be seen, e. g., in how most of contemporary political science is governed by fantasies. As but one small example among many, there were serious political scientists and others who had actually thought that FBI Director James Comey would be the noble White Knight to come to the rescue of the fair, beleaguered damsel, Lady Justice, symbolized by a blind-folded woman ever holding the proverbial scales of justice. Get real!

In fact, the “fix” was in as soon as the Clinton email scandal erupted. Lady Justice had been raped long ago by Bill Clinton, his entire corrupt Administration, way back in the 1990s, at the least. People yet fantasized about noble Comey, even up until when he publicly announced that Hillary was not, in his estimation, indictable, which shows how terribly awful the great level of dreadful fantasizing really is. This is, therefore, a rather sad mental condition afflicting both modernists and postmodernists, as is noted in the above-cited article.

Moreover, the more that someone’s mind is too preoccupied with an ideology (e. g., Liberalism, Socialism, Feminism, Conservatism, etc.), the more surely that myth and magic do so extremely predominate such necessarily warped cognition. And, fantasy, therefore, necessarily replaces reality in both practical politics and the writings of political science. Q. E. D.

Consequently, fiction, due to such fantasizing, is found equally present in those political science textbooks that plainly state how Supreme Court Justices and lesser judges are not substantially governed by their (usually Leftist) ideologies, especially when making their judicial (read: highly political) decisions.

Or, the Supreme Court, in particular, whenever creating unconstitutional, by definition, meaning all illegal judicial legislation, which had ceased, generations ago, in being a clear political oxymoron. And, if people would seriously start to think, they ought to reach the same basic conclusions, if guided by moral coherence, right reason, and a decent sense of justice.



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 Resources: International Una Voce Federation (to promote the traditional Latin Mass worldwide) (to promote the traditional Latin Mass in the United States) Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei (to promote the traditional Latin Mass in the United States & Canada)   – Tradition, Family, Property